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New & Noteworthy: Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Natural SPF 31 Sunscreen

Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Natural SPF 31 Sunscreen

I've seen a lot of comments in the last few weeks from people who are looking for a good natural sunscreen this summer. Well, look no further: The new Rocky Mountain Soap Co. SPF 31 Sunscreen ($22) exceeds my expectations of what a 100% natural sunscreen could be and performs just as well as its conventional counterparts. More info about this wonderful new product (and what a natural sunscreen is) after the jump!

Refreshing Our Living Room Decor

A Mt. Pleasant, Vancouver, condo living room mixes eclectic elements—primary colours, warm neutrals, rich textures, mid-century modern and contemporary furniture pieces, handicrafts-inspired pillows—to create a warm, inviting, cozy space.

Most days I'm too busy, broke, and/or lazy to care that much about keeping up with home design trends, and it takes a lot for me to commit to anything decor-wise. After four years of staring at the same blue Moroccan trellis rug in our living room though, I decided it was time for a change. Replacing the rug triggered a few other tweaks that changed the look and feel of our living space.

Perfect Pedi: Bliss Achilles' Heel Spa-Powered Heel Smoother

Bliss Achilles' Heel Spa-Powered Heel Smoother

Whether you're looking to save money or you simply find the ritual relaxing, if you're into DIY pedicures you should definitely consider adding the Bliss Achilles' Heel Spa-Powered Heel Smoother ($49 at Sephora) to your routine. This newly launched beauty tool replicates salon-worthy results in the comfort and privacy of home. What's more, it's oddly satisfying to use and makes the most tedious part of the pedi process much easier. (Adios, pumice stones and elbow grease!)

The Best Revlon Mascara For Asian Lashes

Revlon's new mascara collection: Dramatic Definition, Volume + Length Magnified, Super Length, Ultra Volume, Ultimate All-In-One

Revlon's new lineup of rainbow-handled mascaras boasts 5 different formulas and brushes. There's something for everyone, or if you like to change up your lashes to go with different makeup looks, you can easily build an affordable "mascara wardrobe," experimenting and layering to your heart's content. For a girl with Asian lashes and a certain set of mascara foibles though, how would these mascaras—which seem like a true drugstore delight—measure up?

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