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Product Review: Diorshow On Stage Liner

Diorshow On Stage Liner

Chalk it up to my Lazy Girl approach to beauty or my almond-shaped Asian eyes, but I've always preferred a graphic swipe of liquid eyeliner to eyeshadow. And if the formula stays put and doesn't smudge, even better! Which brings me to the newly launched Diorshow On Stage Liner ($35), a liquid eyeliner that sounds like the answer to my prayers on paper. It boasts a waterproof formula that supposedly stays put for up to 24 hours, comes in a slew of fun colours, and features a precise felt tip capable of thin and thick lines. So how does it measure up IRL? Well...not great, to be honest.

My Favourite Podcasts

nightstand with iPhone and headphones on it

It's summertime and the living is easy! Lately I've been slacking on the blog and favouring a more leisurely pace of life—taking extra long weekends, tending to my herb garden, going to barre, seeing Bard on the Beach with Hubs, reading books, and listening to podcasts. I love podcasts because they make commutes and mindless tasks like cleaning go by that much faster, and if I can learn something new all the better. Some of my faves have been must-listens for years, while others are more recent discoveries. Here they are, in no particular order!

Empties: June 2018

15 skin and body care and makeup empties in this latest round-up, ranging from department store to all-natural and drugstore finds!

Solo Lisa Reads: June 2018

Round-up of summer 2018 book recommendations

Without meaning to, I've somehow let a whole year slide by between my last book review round-up and this one. I was still reading during that time—or rather re-reading, revisiting books I've loved since forever. But there's nothing like summer and the promise of long, warm, lazy days to make you reach for a new book, is there? Here are four I've enjoyed recently; they'd go well with a patio and a cold drink.

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