Monday, October 5, 2015

Beauty Bag Staple: MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

I'm about to confess something that might get my beauty blogger card revoked, but here goes: Foundation has always intimidated me. The few times I've tried it, I've been turned off for one reason or another. The colour pigments are either a tad too light or too dark, the liquid formula too mask-like, the powder versions too cake-y, the coverage insufficient or way too much. That's why throughout my fresh-faced 20s, I mostly relied on BB cream or tinted moisturizer when I wanted to even out my skin but still have a natural, dewy finish. Now that I'm in my early 30s though, I find myself craving more coverage for special occasions but still wanting that natural, dewy finish, which is why new MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation ($50) is such a godsend. More details after the jump!

Friday, October 2, 2015

10 Reasons To Book Your Next Mani/Pedi At The Ten Spot

Few things are better than having the day of your birthday off work and indulging in a mani/pedi, which is exactly what I found myself doing at The Ten Spot last Friday. (Ah beauty blogging, what a rough life.) This Toronto-based, new-to-Vancouver beauty bar franchise specializes in manis, pedis, waxings, and facial treatments. If the 45-minute pedicure and 30-minute manicure I tried are any indication, you'll definitely want to book your next mani/pedi at The Ten Spot. Read on for all the reasons why!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Vancouver Loves Natural Beauty: Gwen Richards of Fable Naturals

Vancouver Loves Natural Beauty is a semi-regular column that highlights organic and natural beauty and skincare brands founded in our fair city.

Fable Naturals co-founders Gwen Richards and Chris Nicol

When I think "perfect hostess gift," I think Fable Naturals. This up-and-coming, Vancouver-based beauty label combines cheerful packaging with fair-trade ingredients and all-natural ingredients. The result? Skincare, handcrafted soaps, and yummy-flavoured lip balms (in biodegradable tubes, no less) that will please anyone and fit into any beauty regime. What's more, whether you're buying it for yourself or for others, Fable Naturals does the community as much good as it does your skin. I caught up with Fable Naturals co-founder Gwen Richards to find out more.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

31 Little Luxuries To Savour Everyday

Call it maturity or a newfound joy in the simple pleasures of life. These days, the definition of "luxury" doesn't just mean designer handbags and fancy vacations to me anymore; it also extends to the nuanced delights that make daily living worth savouring. These delights are different for everyone, I'm sure, and thankfully for my pocketbook many of mine cost little to nothing as you'll see below. So why 31? To celebrate my upcoming 31st birthday this Friday, of course.