Product Review: Cake Rush Brush Dry Shampoo Powder Brush

Cake Rush Brush Dry Shampoo Powder Brush

Between long-haul flights, fitness classes, and work-to-cocktails primping in the office bathroom, the modern girl has many occasions to use dry shampoo, and for all of these situations Cake Rush Brush Dry Shampoo Powder Brush ($22) promises to be a godsend. Each portable capped brush comes loaded with dry shampoo powder meant to match different-coloured locks. True to the product's name, you can simply brush and rush.


Reintroducing Dior Rouge Brillant

Dior Rouge Brillant

Dior Rouge Brillant is a lip gloss launch to get excited about this spring, and coming from a girl who loves lipstick and heartily dislikes the sticky, goopy nature of gloss that's really saying something. Rouge Brillant has been around since 1981, but this season it's got a new formula, new applicator, new shall we delve deeper into why Rouge Brillant has me all aflutter? More details after the jump!


Fortnight Spring/Summer 2015

The contents of most women's underwear drawers seem to fall into these two categories: the lacy, pretty things one wears to seduce a lover, and the essential sous-vĂȘtements in comfy cuts and stretchy fabrics that we reach for every day. Fortnight Lingerie transcends these rigid categories by offering coverage, comfort and movement, but also exuding a feminine vintage-inspired vibe that's equal parts effortless and sensual. I've been a fan of this Toronto-based lingerie label since meeting its designer Christina Remenyi in 2012, and am particularly in love with their latest.


The Bar Method Revisited + Giveaway

When the Bar Method opened its first studio in Vancouver five years ago, I tried a class and wrote a glowing review afterward: "The workout definitely lived up to its reputation for being tough and effective. Over the next two days, soreness lingered in my upper arms and quads, and my abs ached a little whenever I coughed or sneezed. But was the Bar Method such a scary workout that it would intimidate beginners? Probably not." Well, I still stand by that glowing review. The Bar Method is the same tough and effective workout it always was, combining exercises inspired by yoga, pilates, and ballet. When done in intervals in quick succession, these small, precise movements isolate and strengthen key muscle groups.


Latest Outfit: Houndstooth & Stripes

Houndstooth and stripes
J. Crew blazer | Joe Fresh tee (similar here and here) and scarf (similar here and here) |
Madewell jeans | Sam Edelman loafers (similar here and here) | Karen Walker shades |
Longchamp tote | Lips: Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil 'Cruella'

Hello and happy Monday, dear readers! Apologies for the radio silence after the Bridal Style update last week. I ended up spending Monday and Tuesday sick at home with chills and a constant on-and-off migraine. Add wedding stuff and getting hooked onto the Korean drama Fated to Love You on Netflix into the mix, and well, my blog productivity pretty much plummeted for the rest of the week.


Bridal Style: Wedding Planning Update

The boy and I just came back from a weekend getaway to Seattle where we danced with touring mambo pros from Southern California (including a couple of world champions!), ate plenty of great Mexican food, and wandered around hipper-than-thou Ballard. (If you go to Seattle all the time and have never ventured out of the downtown core/Pike Place Market/outlet shopping trifecta, do yourself a favour and explore this hidden gem.) All of this is a fancy way of saying we had no time to shoot outfit photos, which is why I'm doing a Bridal Style post today. The wedding planning took a backseat to the whirlwind holiday season, but now that it's out of the way, we're slowly getting back into the swing of things. Here's a glimpse via Instagram.

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