Drugstore Delight: Olay Regenerist Luminous Facial Oil

Olay Regenerist Luminous Facial Oil

When I was in Toronto for the #BeautyUnited #MusicGlam party, I couldn't stop complaining about how dry the air was. Wintry -20 degrees Celsius weather greeted me as soon as I landed, and between the arctic-force cold outside and the full-blast heating inside, my skin shrivelled up like an apple slice in a dehydrator. Suddenly the bottle of Olay Regenerist Luminous Facial Oil Daily Treatment ($34.99 on sale for $19.99 at London Drugs) I'd packed for the trip seemed like a prescient move.


Sunday Skincare Ritual: Fresh Rose Face Mask

Fresh Rose Face Mask

I adore a good sheet mask as much as the next beauty blogger (as evidenced by this post, this post, and this post), but sometimes I feel bad about how much garbage a single sheet mask generates. Between the mask, the packet, and plastic or paper interlining, that's a lot of stuff going into a landfill! Thankfully, Fresh Rose Face Mask ($72) has been giving me all the sheet mask feels this winter, minus the eco-guilt trip.


Product Review: Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Serum

Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Serum

This skincare review was six months in the making. Skincare reviews always take a long time because I want to thoroughly test the product's effectiveness, and in this case, I stopped using Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Serum briefly to dabble with other samples. But I ultimately returned to the serum and finished it, and I have to admit, I'm feeling a little sad about moving on to others. For a beauty blogger with all sorts of skincare at her disposal, that empty tube really says something.


6 Makeup Tips I Learned From MUA David Goveia At The #BeautyUnited #MusicGlam Party

COVER GIRL P&G Beauty beauty tips from makeup artist David Goveia

As you may remember, last week I was in Toronto for the #BeautyUnited #MusicGlam Grammy viewing party. The night was a blast, needless to say. Along with a bevy of other beauty bloggers, I tweeted, ate, drank, and learned exactly what goes into the red carpet-worthy looks we see at the Grammys from Pantene and Cover Girl pros Justin German and Veronica Chu, respectively. But one of my favourite personal highlights was having my makeup done by makeup artist David Goveia. Not only was he skilled and delightfully candid, his aesthetic aligns with my own "Less is more" makeup philosophy and I learned so much from chatting with him. These 6 makeup tips were big "Aha!" moments for me, and I hope they help you too!


Product Review: Consonant Body Dealkalizing Deodorant

Consonant Body Dealkalizing Deodorant is an all-natural deodorant that really works

Although Consonant Body Dealkalizing Deodorant ($12 at BeautyMark) received a mention in this post already, I thought it was a product worth revisiting in an in-depth review because it truly is terrific. I'm not excessively stinky or sweaty in my everyday life or when I work out, but like most normal human beings I'm prone to perspiring and smelling kind of stale when I exert myself. This all-natural formula more than meets my needs.


Solo Lisa Tries: A MELT Method Class At The Dailey Method Vancouver

Blue foam roller used at Dailey Method studio in Kitsilano, Vancouver, for the pain-relieving MELT classes

I used to do hatha yoga when I wanted physical activity that was slow, restorative, and relaxing. But now that I've upped my barre classes and salsa dancing—and I'm logging long hours at work and on the blog and planning a wedding at the same time—yoga seems to have fallen by the wayside. For all of these reasons, the invitation to try a stress-busting MELT Method class at The Dailey Method Vancouver in early February couldn't have come at a better time. But what was the MELT Method exactly? I was about to find out along with my BFF, whom I'd invited to try the class with me.


En Route To Toronto For #BeautyUnited Grammy Viewing Party!

Herbal Essences, OLAY, COVER GIRL P&G Beauty products surrounding a passport cover and passport

Happy Valentine's Day, dear readers! Hope your significant other spoils you with flowers, chocolates, and snuggles today—or if you're single, today's a great day to have a Galentine's Day with your best girlfriends over brunch or simply treat yourself to a long bath and a glass of wine. As you're reading this, I'll be en route to Toronto for an exciting Grammy viewing party with Beauty United tomorrow night—yay!


New & Noteworthy: Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer

Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and while I'm not usually one to fuss around with eyeshadow I make an exception for special occasions. After all, don't people say the eyes are the window to the soul? And when you're gazing at each other lovingly by candlelight, those windows should look as pretty as possible. Luckily for me, the new Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer ($29) crossed my beauty desk late last year and seems tailor-made for this.


Lazy Girl Approved: Amaterasu Liquid Eyebrow Liner

Lazy Girl Approved highlights long-lasting, goof-proof, fuss-free products that can fit into the most minimalist of regimens. If you consider yourself a low-maintenance beauty lover, these product reviews are for you!

Amaterasu Liquid Eyebrow Liner

Lip gloss, mascara, and eyeliner used to be the products that Lazy Girls cited most often as the ones they'd never leave the house without, even if the rest of their faces were makeup-free. Now that's shifted to brow products, and for good reason. Brows—like fluttery lashes or the perfect "my lips but better" shade of pink lipstick—add effortless polish to a 5-minute face, especially when you're using something like Amaterasu Liquid Eyebrow Liner ($30 at BeautyMark).


Inside My January 2016 Birchbox

January 2016 Birchbox

Before I dive into my review of January 2016's Birchbox, I have some sad news for the subscription beauty box's Canadian devotees. Birchbox has decided to put a hold on its Canadian operations due to the terrible exchange rate. Here's the official message.


Product Review: For Beloved One Melasleep Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask

For Beloved One Melasleep Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask Taiwanese sheet masks in white packets displayed with red envelopes

Next Monday is Chinese New Year, so what better time to highlight a Taiwanese beauty product that comes in a red (and white) envelope? I was recently introduced to Taiwan-based For Beloved One, a cosmeceutical brand whose in-demand sheet masks, skincare, and BB and DD creams are launching at T&T Supermarkets nationwide. You can imagine what a hard time I had trying to decide what to try first when I arrived home from the press event, bag full of beauty loot in tow! In the end I settled on the For Beloved One Melasleep Brightening Bio-Cellulose Mask ($63 for a box of 3); my skin had been looking dull and uneven lately and could use a brightening boost.


Drugstore Delight: Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask

Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask

If you've resolved to take better care of your skin this year but can't seem to find the time or the money for regular facials and masks, file this product under "No more excuses." The Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask ($9.99 on sale for $6.99 at London Drugs) is a fun, affordable, and fast alternative to jar and sheet masks that require you to sit still for 15-30 minutes, and much more affordable than an appointment at a spa.


10 Things I Do To Make Myself Rich In Time

L blue monogram mug, black/white bonne nuite pillowcases, West Elm striped linen duvet cover

This time last year, I felt as though there were too little time and too much to do. I was always frazzled, never mindful of the present moment, subsisting on takeout because I didn't have enough time to cook, fretting about having enough time to work out or plan the wedding. Fast forward to 2016 though, and I couldn't feel more different.

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