Retraction: Skinny Jeans

A while back, I wrote a scathing blog entry where I ranted about the foolish women who wore skinny jeans. Well, I suppose I have to count myself among them now. For the last few months, I've been searching for a pair of jeans that won't stretch out and sag in the butt after multiple washes and wears, and can be worn with a fancy top and heels when I go out to a club. I wanted a pair with a dressed-up and sexy vibe.

I finally found what I wanted in a going-out pair of jeans, and lo and behold, they were skinny jeans! However, they weren't the super-clingy, tapered-leg skinny jeans that result in the dreaded "linked sausages for legs" effect. They actually look more like classic dark wash straight-leg jeans when I put them on. (Of course, the fact that I have fairly good legs from salsa might help with not making the jeans look overly tight.)

So, I guess the lesson I took so long to learn is that skinny jeans can be okay, provided you have fairly thin legs to begin with, the jeans themselves are more straight through the leg than tapered, and the denim is a fairly dark wash.

Jeans, Banana Republic, $120


Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Online Sale

So for the handful of you who actually do read my blog (thank you!), you'll know that I previously spent many happy hours browsing the Victoria's Secret website. A friend tipped me off about their semi-annual sale online today, and I've been browsing the website since I got home from work. While their clearance lingerie didn't impress me much in terms of selection, I did find myself coveting a lot of clothes, shoes, and even a bag on sale. Here are some of the cute things I'll be dreaming about over the next couple of days as I repeatedly try to convince myself of the benefits of financial responsibility.

Luiciny bow sandal, $69 (I could never walk in a heel this high, but I can dream, can't I?)

Betsey Johnson floral sandal, $136 (Ditto.)

Chiffon scarf top, $19.99 (Okay, I am going to get this, but only because it's a really cute top at an awesome price, and my friend is getting something from VS so we can split the cost of shipping. So there.)

Crochet racerback bra top, $25 (I love how pretty the detailing is, and the built-in bra means no fussing with strapless bras, or worse, wearing a normal one, which totally detracts from how nice the back looks.)

Cross-back tank, $49 (I wouldn't pay this much for a top personally, but it looks really nice from the front and back, and like it wouldn't look at all out of place in Miami.)

Luce leather hobo, $125

Madden Girl peep-toe flat, $33.99

Ruched halter dress, $75

Satin trenchcoat, $128 (It's a bit shiny for everyday wear, but with a cocktail dress it would look spectacular.)

Kitson striped sneaker, $47.99 (My weakness for Kitson reveals itself once again! Though not as fun as the mismatched slip-ons, they're still really cute.)

Wave bangles, $24 (I like the shape of these and the eclectic juxtaposition of different metals. They'd look great with a well-cut black top and jeans.)


Panda Extravaganza

A while back, my friend Jordana and I developed a passion for pandas. We just couldn't get enough of these cuddly creatures, and during long boring evenings spent writing research papers, or debugging programs in Jordana's case, we diverted ourselves with plenty of black-and-white eye candy. (Excessive schoolwork makes people do strange things.) Here's some of the more idiosyncratic panda stuff we found on the web.

San Diego Zoo Gift Shop: Panda Shop

Here you can find everything a panda fanatic's heart desires, from stuffed animals to clothing, furniture, home decor, jewelry, shotglasses, baby gear, even a panda thimble.

Keds panda flats

These panda flats are part of an animal-patterned series of skimmers designed by graphic artist Eleanor Grosch for Keds's 2007 spring line. Currently they're on sale for $34.95 US.

Random panda pictures

I couldn't find the panda site with the amazing collection of pictures, videos, and newspaper articles I had so much fun browsing two months ago, but I did manage to find some nice pictures on my computer.


P.S. I might be doing a "Bunny Bonanza" in the near future, because hey, they're pretty fluffy and cute too.
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