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2020 Reflections

Vancouver beauty and lifestyle blogger Solo Lisa poses with the Urban Light art installation at LACMA.

Happy 2020, everyone! Without meaning to, I've let half of January pass by without posting on the blog once. Our holiday season was pretty quiet and uneventful. We kicked off the New Year with a long weekend in Seattle (yay!) and me catching a cold that I'm still not completely over (boo), so I've just been working and resting whenever I can for the past couple of weeks. Now that I'm on the mend though, I wanted to take some time on the blog to reflect on the past year and the past decade.

Empties: December 2019

24 empty beauty products featuring makeup, hair care, body care, and skin care from drugstore, natural, and department store/luxury brands

I skipped last month's Empties post, which means I have a whopping 24 empty beauty products to recap today as we say goodbye to the last year and the last decade!

3 Micellar Waters With A Twist

Derma E Vitamin C Micellar Cleansing Water featuring Probiotics and Rooibos, Avene Micellar Lotion, La Roche Posay Eau Micellaire Ultra

What did we beauty lovers do before micellar water? Oh, that's right. We settled for makeup removers that were at best ineffective and at worst would sting our eyes (unless we were savvy enough to buy those dual-phase blue-and-white ones that you had to shake, which were still kinda inconvenient to use). We used harsh cleansers in the mornings. We didn't have a Lazy Girl way of washing our faces after a sweaty workout, or on those nights when all we wanted to do was pass out in bed. I could go on like this, but you get the point: micellar water rocks. These days it seems like we're all loyal to one of the ubiquitous Pink Bottle Cap Micellar Waters (Bioderma or Garnier). If you're looking for a new one to try though, I've got three recommendations coming your way, all of which work just as well as the cult faves I just mentioned and feature an innovative twist on the classic formula.

Best Beauty & Wellness Items Of 2019

Round-up of beauty and lifestyle blogger Solo Lisa's favourite items from 2019

Happy holidays everyone! The past couple weeks have passed by in a blur of parties, work, and squeezing in a barre class whenever I can. At the same time, the slower pace of the season has been getting to me too—think sleeping in, eating shortbread, lounging in PJs, watching movies, and taking naps. Now that we are now officially in the twilight zone between Christmas and New Year's, I wanted to wrap up the year with a couple of final posts, including a look back at the beauty and wellness items that made the biggest difference to my 2019 routine. If I could sum up this year's beauty MO in one statement, it'd be "Makeup minimalist, skincare maximalist, and athleisure-y AF." Let's take a deep dive, shall we?

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