Lola Home And Apparel Finds A New Home

The Grey Gardens-inspired installation

Lola Home and Apparel has been a mainstay of Yaletown's retail scene for the last nine years. This year though, owner Christina McDaniel made the radical decision to move Lola from Yaletown to the lobby of the historic Sun Tower (510 Beatty St.). "For me, this move is the first step in a journey that will see Lola taking concept boutique retailing to new heights over the next decade," says McDaniel. I got to see Lola's spin on concept boutique retailing for myself at their media launch party last week.

Owner Christina McDaniel with a model wearing one of Jason Matlo's dresses

Lola's new home exudes heritage charm but maintains the airiness of modern interior design. The increased square footage gives it ample room to grow in the next decade. In the meantime, Lola can take advantage of the bigger space to create amazing installations, such as the Grey Gardens-inspired one that greeted guests while the documentary played on a projection screen in the background.

New space, same Lola. It's still a lovingly curated boutique full of rare finds that lives up to its tagline of "French whimsy meets English eccentricity." Jason Matlo dresses, Burberry baby gear and other stylish toddler clothes, Tocca fragrances, sparkly accessories, and tunic frocks from Danish label Rutzou are just some of the treasures you'll find in-store.

Speaking of Jason Matlo, a sneak peek of his spring/summer 2011 collection was on display in the hallway.

Thanks to Lola for the invitation to the lovely event.

Solo Lisa Reads: Crave Vancouver Guide, Third Edition

The world of business seems to boil down to two simple truths: first, it's tough; and second, if you're a woman in business, it can be even tougher. Good thing that resources like Crave Vancouver exist. Part of a wider social and business network that spans multiple cities, Crave Vancouver highlights the places, services and goods that discerning urban women crave, with a special emphasis on businesses founded by female entrepreneurs (or "entreprenesses," as Crave calls them). It's one part information resource, one part social network. Each year they publish a book featuring 100+ entreprenesses. I was lucky enough to attend the launch party this year and receive a complimentary copy.

Crave founder Melody Biringer and Crave Vancouver partner Arpen Thandi at the launch party

The glossy publication belies a high production value. Thick paper, beautiful photography, and great copyediting mean that the Crave Vancouver Guide looks and feels like a professional high-quality book. For aspiring entreprenesses, quotes and advice from women who've accomplished their goals will provide a fantastic source of inspiration. For women who want recommendations on everything from a clothing boutique to a mortgage broker, it's a stylish directory of the best that Vancouver has to offer. If you're looking for a beautiful useful book to give to the stylish women on your list, this is it.

For a full list of retailers selling the Crave Vancouver Guide, check out Crave's website. Guides are available for other cities as well.

BeautyMark For The Holidays

The weather outside may be frightful, but BeautyMark sure keeps things delightful. This charming boutique full of beauty and skincare finds as well as accessories, clothes, children's products, and novelty items has been a lovable mainstay of Yaletown's fashion and beauty scene for just a little over ten years. I had the privilege of attending their holiday media preview last week, where the BeautyMark team hosted an intimate party for bloggers, media personnel, and fashion industry insiders. I had a great time sampling the hors d'oeuvres provided by Charm Modern Thai and catching up with familiar faces while checking out the wares in-store. So many great gift, stocking stuffer, and holiday ideas popped out at me that I had to go back during the day to take some photos when it was quieter.

For the friend fighting off a cold or flu at home: A big container of homemade soup and a little packet of holiday-themed tissues should cheer her up.

Nail polish makes a great stocking stuffer and/or small gift for friends. BeautyMark carries a wide range of colours from three-free brands like Essie...

...BUTTER London (read my review here)...

...and Spa Ritual (review available here).

Boxed Principessa beauty sets for the girly girls who love to pamper themselves...

...or Philosophy bath and body products in a variety of holiday-appropriate scents.

Speaking of Philosophy, how cute are these small bottles of their shampoo/shower gels? Break up the set and you'll have fantastic stocking stuffers or small gifts for casual acquaintances.

BeautyMark carries Smith's Rosebud lip salve in every flavour and packaging option imaginable. Pick one up for yourself and your girlfriends to relieve chapped lips this season. (I've heard it's great on dry cuticles too.)

For the friend who's always flying off to a sunny resort in Cuba or Mexico this time of year: Pick up some LA Fresh travel wipes. There are wipes for every travel/hygiene need, whether it's a deodorizing wipe to freshen up or a minty fresh finger glove to "brush" your teeth on the go. I like the idea of buying LA Fresh wipes separately and packing up little Ziploc baggies for the gift recipient.

Common Beauty's makeup palettes are crammed with different shades of lip gloss, eyeshadow, and highlighter, but are so thin when closed that they're about the width of 2 or 3 credit cards stacked together. Stash one in your clutch for quick touch-ups at Christmas parties.

I think of this wall (in the back of the BeautyMark store) as the "wardrobe malfunction wall" because it's got solutions for any number of ensemble dilemmas: fashion tape, insoles and inserts for painful shoes, solutions for falling bra straps and for frocks that you can't wear bras under at all.

Thanks to BeautyMark for the great holiday media preview party (and the accompanying swag bag)!

Product Review: Crown Shaving Co. Men's Grooming Products

Attention male readers (and female readers looking for gift ideas for the special men in their lives), this post is for you! When Crown Shaving Co.--a line of men's grooming products based in Toronto--contacted me and offered to send me a shave kit, I enlisted the help of my brother and occasional contributor Gary to help me review the kit and write a guest post. (You might remember him from this other post about men's grooming products.) Let's see what Gary has to say about their products.


Men’s skincare products have evolved within the last few years, so why are we still subjecting ourselves to razor burns, cuts and rashes on our faces with our daily grooming routine? I suspect the answer to this question is that it saves time to use foam from a can. However, based on previous experience these products are heavily scented, they have no moisturizing effects and they can irritate sensitive skin. Crown Shaving Co. has responded by reviving the traditions of old barber shops where a man can get the closest shave without irritation. The company stands by their slogan of “Old World Luxury- Old School Charm.” Even their packaging (brown glass jars and bottles) is reminiscent of old-fashioned products.

Their line of shaving products is all part of a very effective system. The Supreme Glide Pre-Shave Formula ($18) contains aloe and other naturally sourced dermal moisturizers and emollients. It provides effective lubrication for the razor blade to effectively glide on top of the skin, and its “no added fragrance formula” is non-irritating. After the application of the Pre-Shave Formula, you apply the actual shaving cream ($26). While the label states that it can be used with or without a shaving brush, using the brush produces a nicer lather. The shaving cream’s rich thick lather effectively lifts and suspends the hair follicle to make it easier for the razor to cut. The after shave lotion ($18) provides the finishing touch. It soothes and moisturizes to reduce further irritation. All of their products are alcohol-, artificial colourant-, artificial fragrance-, paraben- and sulfate-free. This is a welcome feature as most products geared towards men are heavily scented.

Crown Shaving Co. also offers shampoo/body wash ($22) and conditioner ($20) with tea tree oil and peppermint. The shampoo/body wash falls short as a body wash unfortunately. It didn’t provide a rich lasting lather and I always felt I needed to use more product than necessary. However, the tea tree oil and peppermint do act as a mild antiseptic and can reduce odour-causing bacteria on the skin, plus it leaves a nice cooling sensation on the skin after use. As a shampoo it did a good job cleansing the scalp and hair. The conditioner leaves hair soft and smooth. All of their products leave a light natural scent that eventually dissipates. Again, I applaud the company for not adding any strong and supposedly “masculine” scents.

In summary, Crown Shaving Co. products provide quality and effective products that aim to please the modern man with “Old School Charm” and imbibe him with confidence so he can walk out the door feeling like a king, with a crown atop his head.

To purchase Crown Shaving Co. products, check out their website for a list of retailers or to buy online directly. In Vancouver, Crown Shaving Co. products are sold at BeautyMark in Yaletown.

And The Winner Is...

PD! Congratulations, we'll be pre-shopping the Dakota Group's super sample sale together. Here's what she'd love to score a bargain on:

"What a fun prize! I'd love to find Soia & Kyo coats at a bargain price; I have always loved their styles but couldn't justify the high price tag."

Having spent a pretty penny on a Soia & Kyo coat for this winter, I know exactly what she's talking about.

Now, I know that not all of my readers are Vancouverites. For those who are based in New York looking for a deal on a great winter coat, check out the Mackage sample sale. Their tailored wool coats combine interesting structural and design details with Mackage's signature leather trim--always eyecatching and unique. Details are below.

Women’s and Men’s Collections, 30-50% off

November 23, 2010
12:00 – 7:00 PM

November 24, 2010
12:00 – 6:00 PM

275 W 39th Street, 7th Floor


Today's Outfit: Heading Into Holiday Season

  • Necklace (H&M)
  • Lace top and shorts (CiCi)
  • Cardigan (Banana Republic)
  • Cami (Zara)
  • Tights (Dynamite)
  • Shoes (American Apparel)

These days I find myself attending more and more events that take place right after work--holiday previews, parties, and so on. Going straight from work to an event that requires a dressier outfit isn't exactly a novel situation, and as we head into the holiday season, it's bound to happen more frequently. This got me thinking about ways to make your work outfit look slightly dressier for an evening out. Here's one of my favourite strategies: Put on a dramatic statement necklace and some bold lipstick. (In fact, I like this strategy so much I deployed it in a previous post, albeit using slightly different pieces.)

Every woman has a few of these tricks up her sleeve, I'm sure. The emergency heels stashed under her desk. A little pouch filled with costume jewelry and cocktail rings stuffed into her work tote. What are your secrets for day-to-night dressing during the holidays?

Bombay Brow Bar "Henna Hotness" Media Event

From left to right: Ravy Mehroke, Raj Thandhi, Ash Kumar, name unknown, Amy Minhas.

Bombay Brow Bar is located on the same block as Fine Finds and my favourite schnitzel sandwich place, but for some reason I'd never set foot inside it until founders Ravy Mehroke and Amy Minhas invited me to their Henna Hotness media event last Friday. With promises of brow-shaping and henna by world-renowned henna artist Ash Kumar, it was a pretty hard invitation to resist.

While waiting for my brow threading session, I had a chance to check out the wares that BBB sold (sparkly bangles, scarves, eye makeup, cannisters of chai tea) and the decor (purple and gold walls, a flat screen playing Bollywood movies on the wall). I also had a chance to do a quick Q&A with Ravy about brows.

What makes good brows: Full, defined, and groomed with a good arch.
Celebrity brows you admire: Kim Kardashian
Brow pet peeves: Overplucked brows and "tadpole brows" (the too-thin ones that look like ovals with long skinny tails).

Demi Couture getting her brows threaded. You can read her recap of the event here.

Truth be told, I've never gone to a professional to get my brows done, let alone tried Indian threading. My mother was an overzealous plucker in her youth and warned me never to mess with my natural brows. Consequently I've only ever tweezed a stray hair here and there and I approached the experience nervously. But my threader Raj was calm and self-assured as she talked me through the entire process. She explained where the arch of my brow should be and penciled in the areas she would thread beforehand. The threading itself only felt like a slight pinch and didn't hurt as much as I thought it would, although my eyes did water a bit when Raj tackled the area underneath my brows. A relaxing head and temple massage followed. The result: groomed brows in minutes with minimal pain and no hassle.

Sunny Shum and I show off our glitter henna. (Photo by Bombay Brow Bar)

Then it was time to get glitter henna done by Ash Kumar. This talented London-based artist has worked with celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Demi Moore, Madonna, and Aishwairya Rai. He has a full range of powders, glitter gels, and other henna products and was recently featured in the New York Times. Oh, and did I mention he holds a world record for being the fastest henna artist in the world? I felt pretty privileged to have him work his artistry on my arm.

Ash Kumar's intricate artwork only takes seconds for him to do. You have to see it to believe it, so I shot a video of him drawing on someone else's arm.

Thanks to Ravy and Amy for the invite! Bombay Brow Bar is located at 1056 Mainland St. in Yaletown and offers a variety of brow services. Gift cards, Ash Kumar henna products, and bridal sessions are also available.

Dakota Group Super Sample Sale Contest

Shop the Dakota Group sale (mentioned in last week's blog post) before anyone else does! The generous folks at Dakota Group are offering me and one lucky reader the chance to pre-shop together before it's open to the public. Think of how much fun that would be. Here's what the organizers have to say about the sale:
  • Extra stock being brought in - it's more than just samples, it's a SUPER SAMPLE SALE
  • Lots of sizes
  • Matt & Nat extravaganza
  • Huge assortment of coveted clothing and shoe brands
  • Prices slashed up to 80% ...or more
  • Join @DakotaGroup & @YBrands - they promise to share your finds
  • Join the Facebook Event for further updates (hint: messages sent to mobiles) on markdowns throughout the sale
To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me the dream item or dream label you'd love to find at a bargain price. It could be a pair of Pour La Victoire shoes you've been eyeing since forever or a Mackage coat that you plan to wear all winter. Whatever it is, please do share! If you don't have a blog, Twitter account, or public-facing email address, leave me an email so that I can contact you. The contest closes Friday November 19th at 12pm Pacific Time and I'll choose a winner randomly from the entries.

Good luck! I'm looking forward to shopping with you.

Lurker By Matix For The Holidays

After Remembrance Day passes, there's no such thing as planning your holiday party outfits too early. But if you're looking at the party clothes in your closet with a mixture of frustration and ennui, don't despair. Just in time for winter festivities, California-based clothinglabel Matix--usually known for its casual streetwear and skateboarder's apparel--is launching a capsule collection under the name Lurker. At $49-129, the five pieces that make up Lurker are fashion-forward, good quality, and affordable, leaving you plenty of money in the bank to buy Christmas presents for your loved ones.

During a media preview at De La Cruz PR several weeks ago, I had the privilege of seeing Lurker up-close and personal. My top two picks? The 'Lone Wolf' faux fur jacket ($129), which has already been featured in FASHION magazine, makes a cool cover-up alternative to the cashmere cardigan or the pashmina of years gone by. Use it to dress up a tee and jeans along with high-heeled booties, sparkly statement baubles, and red lipstick for a day-to-night look. And then there's the 'That's Amore' strapless sweetheart neckline dress ($89); with its zipper-trimmed peplum, flattering silhouette, built-in boning in the bodice, and slightly shiny fabrication, it'll be the LBD you keep reaching for time and again.

In Vancouver, Matix is sold at Below the Belt, Boardroom, and Showcase.

Today's Outfit: I've Got A Crush On Joe

A shopping crush on the new Joe Fresh store, that is. (Don't tell my boyfriend!) Ever since it opened, it's been far too easy to pop in during lunch breaks or after work and I always manage to leave with something. Take this sweater dress for instance. I met my good friend and gorgeous blogger Carolina for a quick lunchtime jaunt to Joe's and vowed not to buy anything. But that resolve weakened at the sight of this lambswool sweater dress with gold accent zippers on the shoulders and all-over gold beading. It's casual yet dressy enough for evenings, a quality that I'm seeking more and more in the clothes I buy these days. The adorable gold owl and wood Toodlebunny earrings from LYNNsteven play up the "casual but dressy" element even more.

Speaking of Joe Fresh, a minor tragedy happened to the camel pullover sweater from this post last week. It was sitting in the laundry sink under a drippy faucet along with some dark wash jeans, waiting to be handwashed. Now there are dark blue splotches on the sleeves that won't come out. I've only worn it once. Once! I hate it when I ruin things out of carelessness. The sweater is inexpensive like most (well, all) Joe stuff is, but it still seems like such a waste. The damage isn't too bad; I still can't decide whether I should replace the sweater. Or maybe I can bring it to the drycleaners and see if they can do something with it.

Misery loves company, so let's commiserate in the comments. Have you ever ruined something in an Unfortunate Laundry Incident, something brand new, irreplaceable, and/or expensive?

Converse Holiday 2010 Collection Sneak Peek

Even the staunchest of stiletto lovers needs a break from sky-high heels once in a while, and when she craves comfort over Christian Louboutin, more often than not she reaches for a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors. The ubiquitousness of Chucks has always baffled me as I've never owned a pair myself. So when the PR folks behind Converse invited me to a media preview of their 2010 holiday collection, I accepted, thankful for the opportunity to see what all the fuss was about.

The Wrapping Paper collection

There were Chucks: high-tops, low-tops, in all colours of the rainbow, in canvas and leather, with the classic sole or the more streamlined Slim and Light silhouettes. Jack Purcell sneakers were also plentiful. But the most interesting shoes there were the ones that ventured into new design territory. They experimented with different fabrications (shine, sequins, textured leather, quilting, felt, flannel) and design details while still maintaining Converse's signature styling.

The Slim leather high-tops and oxfords

Vancouverites who hate how rain can soak their canvas Chucks in minutes should pick up a pair of the Slims in tan or gray textured leather. For days when there's light snow on the ground, Converse boots are guaranteed to keep you from slipping and your feet warm with their sturdy treads and cozy fabrications.

And for the little ones, adorable animal-themed Converse sneakers make great gifts.

Thanks to the generosity of Converse, I now have a pair of black canvas Chucks to call my own. It's always interesting how people can wear a pair of Chucks which are nearly identical to someone else's pair but do it in a way consistent with their own style. So how did I wear mine?

  • Earrings (Swarovski)
  • Tie-neck blouse (H&M)
  • Sweater (Joe Fresh)
  • Jeans (Mavi)
  • Sneakers (Converse, obviously!)

Are you a Chucks fan? How do you wear yours?

Celebrate the Opening of Armani Exchange Oakridge

Just a quick post today because I've been pretty busy lately. Join Armani Exchange at Oakridge Centre this Friday night to celebrate their grand opening or at Barcelona downtown for what's sure to be a great after-party. The details are in the flyer above; for more information, check out the event's website.

Matiko Over-The-Knee Gray Buckled Boots

Image from ModCloth

Several weeks ago at the bi-annual Dakota Group Sample Sale, I lost my heart to these Matiko gray over-the-knee boots. Despite the ubiquitousness of OTK boots (or maybe because of it), I've never succumbed to the trend. Most of the ones I see are either too simple or fold down at the top pirate-style, and they all begin to look the same after a while. By contrast, the dove gray hue, unique double buckle details, and gold hardware on this pair make them unique, sophisticated, and elegant with just a touch of streetwise toughness. With visions of compliments and envious looks dancing in my head, I pulled the size 6 boots on and tried to do them up, only to discover that the boot shaft is extremely narrow and meant for someone with thinner legs than mine. Tragic. I walked away from them that day, but it hasn't stopped me from admiring and coveting them ever since.

Speaking of the legendary Dakota Group sample sale, they're having another one November 25-27 if you missed the one in October. Check out the flyer below or their Facebook event page if you'd like more info. Rumour has it that they have a special shipment of Matt&Nat wallets and handbags coming in just for this sale. And who knows? Maybe my Matiko boots will still be there, and maybe they'll magically fit. (Not likely, but one can hope, no?)


Today's Outfit: Soaked In Luxury

First off, thanks for the concerned comments and support regarding my last post, and apologies if it sounded a lot more dire than it was to prompt this concern on your part! The situation isn't actually as serious as I may have made it out to be. I just had to come to a decision about something and it turned out to be a more emotional decision than I thought it would be.

Anyway, heavy talk is no way to start off a Monday morning, so let's focus on the outfit in this post, shall we? I bought this Soaked in Luxury dress at a Fine Finds private shopping event a couple of weeks ago. Carolina, Alicia, and I browsed the store's new fall/winter merchandise with glasses of wine in hand, ooh-ing and aah-ing over every other item. It was hard to narrow down our purchases to just one or two things when everything in-store was so covetable, but in the end it just had to be this dress. I love the long sleeves and gold-on-black print. The silhouette is loose and the light silky-feeling fabric puffs a bit when belted, creating a relaxed yet sophisticated shape. It's definitely a day-to-night piece: wear it to the office then out on the town without missing a beat.

November issue of Vancouver Fashion eZine is out!

Hi everyone! I know I've been a little MIA from the blogosphere for the last couple of days, but the truth of the matter is I've had some soul-searching to do and some emotional baggage to deal with. I don't know what the outcome of this will be, but I am calmer now and moving forward in small steps.

If you're looking for something to read on a Friday afternoon, check out the latest issue of Vancouver Fashion eZine. (Funny enough, I talked to a friend recently who mistakenly thought that I was merely an interviewer for the magazine and I didn't write the articles that the interviews were intended for. So let me make it clear once and for all: I interview the subjects AND I write the articles!) This month I had the pleasure of interviewing and writing about Justine Brooks, a local jewelry designer who's been making beautiful sterling silver and beaded jewelry for six years. She's also a seasoned traveller to boot. Find out how her travels have influenced her as a designer by reading the article here.

The Bay Celebrates Jeanne Beker's New Line EDIT

It's not every day that you get to meet a living legend in the fashion industry. When I received an invitation to a party promoting Jeanne Beker's new clothing line EDIT--with an appearance from the Fashion Television host herself--I headed to the Bay's downtown flagship location along with fellow fashion industry insiders, media personnel, Jeanne Beker fans, and the Bay's clientele. EDIT is a collection of well-priced versatile basics intended to transcend seasonal changes and stay in a stylish busy woman's wardrobe for several years.

As she conceded during the Q&A portion of her appearance, Beker is not a designer--she has "too much respect" for what designers do to call herself that--but she is an editor with a discerning eye, and with her new fashion endeavour she is presenting an edited-down collection of standby pieces: the perfect blazer, a little black dress that goes from the office to cocktail hour, a fitted white shirt. I know this doesn't sound terribly exciting for diehard fashion fans who crave trendier offerings and already have all the basics they want. But good basics executed well are always hard to find, and if Beker's line helps the general populace dress better and makes their shopping experience less frustrating, then more power to her.

After fielding questions with articulateness and candour, Beker remained to sign autographs and meet fans. The lineup was long but definitely worth it. I had a chance to catch up with friend and gorgeous blogger Carolina of Closet Full of Nothing, who was also wearing her Chanel 2.55. We had to get a photo of our "bag twins" moment.

Lest you think this is mere coincidence, Carolina and I established long ago that we were bag twins and we planned the whole thing. I'm still waiting for the day when we wear our matching bags, Talula oxford shirts, and Urban Outfitters straw fedoras. How about it, Carolina?

Meeting Jeanne Beker! She was absolutely lovely and complimented my Pretty Pennie sterling silver wishbone earrings. My blouse is from Zara (as seen in this haul video).

Speaking of silver jewelry, I also wore my Wendy Brandes OMG rings out that night. The boy snapped the photo below for me. Did you know the rings are extremely handy for situations that render you speechless? Encounters with notable fashion personalities and encounters with delicious steaming bowls of spicy ramen from Benkei both merit an OMG.

OMG that's good ramen!

Product Review: Consonant Body 30 Day Skincare Challenge

Skin is the largest organ in the human body and absorbs almost everything that you put on it. When you think about it that way, it's scary how many chemicals and unknown ingredients seep into our bodies by way of beauty and skincare products. That's why most of the time I try not to think about it, but that's not the case with the folks at Consonant. "What you put on your body, you put in your body" is the motto behind this Canadian organic skincare brand. Made with 100% organic natural ingredients in high concentrations, Consonant's products promise younger, healthier skin without the use of chemicals. They also claim that their gentle formulas (free of irritants and artificial fragrances) are suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Through the generosity of BeautyMark, I was able to test these claims for myself via Consonant's 30 day skincare challenge: use their products for 30 days in place of your normal skincare routine and see if you notice a difference. So how did each product stack up?
  • The Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Cream ($54) turned out to be a rich, effective moisturizing cream that didn't irritate my skin, cause breakouts, or clog pores. I like to use it at night mostly, but on some days when my skin felt particularly dry I'd smooth a tiny bit over my face before putting on sunblock.
  • Likewise, the Ultra Moisturizing Organic Eye Cream ($36) was an effective moisturizing eye cream that kept undereye dryness at bay. Consonant recommends using this as a nighttime eye cream and I agree. It can be a bit greasy under mascara and eye makeup.
  • By contrast, the more lightweight Ultra Firming Organic Eye Cream ($36) was perfect for daytime use as suggested on the box. It absorbed quickly into the delicate skin around my eyes with minimal oiliness and didn't make my mascara smudge or my concealer rub off. I liked how this eye cream smoothed out the minuscule fine lines under my eyes. It even seemed to reduce undereye puffiness in the mornings as promised.
  • I'm usually suspicious of cleansers that claim to be gentle and effective, but the Organic Foaming Face Wash ($18) defied my skepticism on both counts. The foaming pump dispenser created a good lather out of the liquid face wash without using sodium lauryl sulfate. Although the bottle instructs you to use several pumps, I found that one and a bit was more than enough to sweep away the day's makeup.
  • The only product I was disappointed with was the Organic Body Lotion ($22) in a citrus bergamot scent. The formula itself is great: a natural invigorating fragrance, a moisturizing lotion that absorbed quickly, lasted all day, and didn't feel greasy. The problem is the pump dispenser, which simply isn't powerful enough for the thickly-textured lotion. Right now I have about 1/4 of the 250 ml bottle left that I can't get to because it's at the very bottom. Perhaps an upside-down squeeze bottle might be better.

Don't let the price tags deter you. I found that a little went a long way for each product. After using them for the last month, I still have 3/4 of the face wash left. The face and eye cream jars are still almost full. As for my complexion, it does seem to be softer, brighter, and more even-toned. My skin feels moisturized and healthy, and I experience fewer days of puffy dark undereye circles than usual. The 30 day skincare challenge may be over, but I'm definitely impressed enough with these products to continue using them in the colder months ahead.

If you're in Vancouver, visit BeautyMark to see, try, and purchase Consonant skincare products in person, or check out Consonant's website. Thanks again to BeautyMark for letting me try this line!
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