Get Lucky, Get Dresses

A coworker sent me a link to a top from the Miss Get Lucky website that she admired, and since then I haven't been able to stop browsing the girly goodness that MGL offers.

Jennifer dress, $72.80. This dress is vaguely reminiscent of my Chulo Pony black corduroy dress in its silhouette and Victorian appeal. I'd wear it with black leather boots and a chunky cable-knit cardigan for a bit of contrast.

Hang the Moon dress, $86.80. A deep purple and black floral pattern, black sash, and deep V halter make this dress feminine without being cloyingly sweet.

Wishful Thinking dress, $87.50. I love the pristine quality of white dresses for summer; the pleated bodice and tiered skirt make this version extra special.

86th and Broadway dress, $87.50. This dress's breathtaking prettiness needs no explanation.


"Priceless Advice for the Frugal Fashionista"

Image from

Like other stylish chicas out there, I couldn't wait to get my hot little paws on the September issue of Vogue. I enjoyed flipping through the ads and immersing myself in the beautiful photos, but I found the Ask Mrs. Exeter column and its "priceless advice for the frugal fashionista" downright laughable. A reader had submitted this letter to Mrs. Exeter:

"My friends and I are all under 30, and this is our first recession since we moved away from our parents' homes. Although in public we talk only about the broader socioeconomic implications of the international market crisis, in private, to be honest, we worry about our fall wardrobes. Our careers may be great, but our salaries are so last season. You must have lived through lots of recessions, Mrs. Exeter, and we wonder how the Best-Dressed cope during economic downturns?"

I know Vogue is all about the aspirational and there are actually people in the world who live like this and can easily afford to wear designer clothing head-to-toe. But proclaiming a socialite as ingeniously thrifty because she swapped the gold strap on her Cartier watch for a white alligator one? Talking about how the wealthy are slumming it by shopping at Topshop and Banana Republic? Suggesting Prada and Oscar de la Renta as part of a "strict, limited uniform of staples"? It's well-intentioned advice but so far removed from the economic reality of most North Americans. My frugal little heart winces at some of the prices at Banana Republic and calculates how much the deceptively cheap lace top from Topshop actually works out to be in Canadian dollars.

If that's Mrs. Exeter's idea of advice for the frugal fashionista, in her eyes, I'm probably the flat-broke fashionista.

Translated: Reik

I was saving this post for a bleak winter day, but the rain in the music video reminds me of what Vancouver looks like right now. Yes, my last week of summer sunshine has been rained out. And I have a sore throat and cough that won't quit.

Invierno ("Winter")

It rains outside, it rains still more
The city is deserted
Meanwhile you and I take refuge in eternity
I don't feel cold near you
Inside of me shines the sun

The sky falls and I don't care
We have our world
The sky is always blue when we're together
Nothing else matters
That here it'll forever be

So much noise, so much loneliness
People who run without stopping
Behind the door this universe of infinite peace
I need the calm that you give me

The sky falls and I don't care
We have our world
The sky is always blue when we're together
Nothing else matters

except what you give me

Clouds, wind, fear, rain
Gray nights without a moon
Another winter of darkness
You kiss me, you cure me
Your warmth and your tenderness
don't let it enter

Winter, winter, winter

The sky falls and I don't care
We have our world
The sky is always blue when we're together
Nothing else matters
That here it'll forever be

The sky falls and I don't care
The day is always blue
The sky falls and I don't care
We have our world

Shameless Self-Promotion

Check out my interview with Jenny Yen and Tabitha Savoie, the local designers of the new line Two of Hearts! I really worked hard on the piece and I hope you enjoy it. Click here or the link in the right sidebar.

Naturalizer 'Courtney' Shoe

"Comfortable" and "sexy" are often incompatible adjectives when describing high-heeled shoes; it's usually a trade-off between one or the other in my experience. Well, not anymore! Check out Naturalizer's 'Courtney' shoe ($89). Naturalizer is known for comfy shoes, so that part's a given. What's surprising is how sexy and spot-on trendy the T-strap and metallic gunmetal hue are. These shoes will definitely stand up to a night of clubbing and dancing, and then the 3am walk to the late-night eatery for some fries or falafel.

Today's Outfit: Sparkle, Sparkle!

Ugh. After about a week and a half of running myself ragged, I've been knocked down by a cold. This was what I was wearing when I bailed on work early yesterday to come home and rest, figuring that a bit of rest right now, when I'm just on the verge of getting sick, would be better than taking several days off if I become really ill later on. Ah well, at least my outfit is sparkly enough to compensate for my not-so-sparkly state right now.

  • Black blazer (Gap)
  • White V-neck tee (Suzy Shier)
  • Rhinestone-embellished gray racerback tank (H&M)
  • Skinny jeans (Banana Republic)
  • Black pumps (Paolo Corelli)
  • Diamond stud earrings
  • Silver heart pendant (Coach)
  • Sunglasses (Chanel)
  • Silver bangle (from childhood)

Lovely Links

I am so impressed with Lala's shoe makeover skills.

More DIY fun: Daddy Likey channels her guitar frustration into a great handpainted T-shirt.

Tired of hemming pants to wear with heels, only to have the cuffs drag on the ground when you're forced to wear those same pants with flats? Working Girl shows us a stylish and ingenious solution for this exact problem, and offers us a 10% discount to boot.

The Clothes Horse ponders celebrities and trends while sporting the most adorable preppie outfit.

I'm all about the pointy-toed flats and so is Lucky magazine, but that doesn't make the affordable round-toed flats that The Style Spy found any less adorable.

Fashion Addict thinks it's time we embrace what makes us different, and I couldn't agree more.

Geoffrey York blogs from China for The Globe and Mail's coverage of the 2008 Olympics and offers a fascinating insider's view of what it's like in Beijing.

Trimmed Blazer Treats

Remember the delightful black blazer with white trim I found on the American Eagle Outfitters website and coveted like mad?

(Just to refresh your memory...)

Well, I've found some more trimmed blazers for your viewing pleasure and mine. Perhaps the trimmed blazer trend was inspired by the prep school blazer Blair Waldorf sports on Gossip Girl. Hers was customized by GG costume designer Eric Daman, who sewed the ribbon on an ordinary blazer.

(Blair working the trimmed blazer look.)

This would be a great DIY project for the girls out there who aren't as deficient in sewing skills as I am. Imagine finding a blazer for next to nothing at a thrift store, taking in the seams so that it fits properly, and sewing on some cute ribbon trim and maybe a crest patch. If this conjures horrible visions of stabbing your finger with a sewing needle and uttering expletives galore, well, there are storebought versions at a variety of price points. I guess the moral of the story is that this is a look you can achieve no matter what your budget. Enjoy!

Helene Berman contrast trim blazer, $165.90

Hurley 'Madeline' blazer, $69

L.A.M.B. classic blazer, $285

LaROK 'Chieftain' fitted jacket, $298

Jolt asymmetrical military jacket, $42

Update: The folks over at are going crazy for trimmed blazers too. They selected a navy number by Tommy Hilfiger as their Item of the Week. The resemblance to Blair Waldorf's blazer is positively uncanny, don't you think? Methinks TH should start paying Eric Daman royalties.

Luxe Or Less: Chanel Camellia Metal Chain Necklace/Belt

(Original photos courtesy of La Voguette.)

"Okay, okay, we get it!" you think as soon as you see the title and picture for this post. "You love Chanel. You're all about the classy and classic pieces. You'd sell your soul for double-C logos and white camellias. And yeah, that's a cute, versatile piece whether it's worn as a statement necklace over a simple black sweater, or as a low-slung belt over a little black dress. But come on! It's downright exorbitant for a flower, some beads, and some metal chains."

Yeah, my thoughts exactly...which is why I have my eye on the 'Lisa' flower necklace from Marciano, priced at $82.35. Look, look! An enamel flower, multiple gold chains, even a chain with interwoven leather much like what Chanel does for its handbags. I'm in love. It's even named after me. This must be fate.


Today's Outfit: August 17, 2008

There are two types of people where hot weather is concerned, it seems. On one hand, we have the "cool as cucumbers" camp, which my friend Patrick (you may remember him from this post) belongs to. He swears that he can walk 15 blocks in a tropical clime with jeans on and not break a sweat. Then there are the "sweat like a stuck pig" types who only need to stand in direct sunlight for about 10 minutes before their foreheads start to glisten. Maybe it's because being born and raised in Canada has thickened my blood, but I am decidedly in the latter group. It's been hot, hot, hot in Vancouver and humid to boot. Average temperatures hovered around the high twenties and low thirties and left me languishing like a wilting flower.

Today I tried to "think cool" with my outfit--not by piling on layers and deluding myself into thinking it was winter outside, but by channeling the seeming effortlessness of a high-maintenance Brazilian woman. You know the archetype: Tan and poised, manicured and pedicured, with a sensual charisma and a mass of flowing wavy hair, she doesn't let the heat get to her and she looks like she might glow a bit but never break into a sweat. So did it work? Well, I did fine until I went salsa dancing.

(A detail shot of the crochet for your viewing pleasure.)

  • White crochet halter top (from Mexico)
  • Cuffed khaki capris (American Eagle Outfitters)
  • Gold leather cork wedge sandals (Gap Kids)
  • Dangly gold leaf earrings (Claire's)
I'm curious: Which hot-weather personality are you?

P.S. I know I've said I'll only post on weekdays, but I couldn't resist. Besides, I'm allowed a couple of one-off weekend posts, aren't I?

Tackling Shopping Bans

(Image from

More bloggers and shopaholics seem to be contemplating a shopping sabbatical or even an outright ban these days. The Clothes Horse and Emily of Vulgar Moon tried shopping bans as a means of motivating them to read some heavy literary works. Most recently, Arielle of Hautest Style asked her readers what they thought of her giving up shopping to save for a car. People have their own reasons for starting shopping bans, whether it's because they want to save for a big-ticket purchase or a trip, motivate themselves to achieve a goal, or are trying to curb some bad consumption habits. Indeed, with today's worsening economy, we may see more belt-tightening and less shopping in the very near future.

I myself am now in month #4 of my own shopping sabbatical. If you're contemplating a ban/sabbatical, here are some things to consider beforehand and some tips to help you make it through. This is just based on my experience and what worked for me.

  1. Be realistic and specific when you set goals for yourself. I said to myself right from the beginning that my shopping sabbatical would include clothes, shoes, and accessories, and it would last 5 months. However, I didn't include toiletries and cosmetics, and this turned out to be a sneaky little loophole that has kept me sane. In the last 13 weeks, I've bought a new makeup case, makeup brushes, a pumice stone, nail polish, perfume, etc. When I add up the numbers in my head, what I've spent on makeup-y stuff is pretty high all things considered, but what I've spent in the last 3.5 months is still only half of what I'd typically spend on clothes and accessories in a single month.

  2. Substitute shopping habits with new ones. Is shopping a way of passing time when you're bored? A bonding activity with friends? An indoors pasttime for rainy weekends? Look at when and how you shop, and develop new habits as substitutes. If you shop when you're bored, find a hobby or apply for a volunteer position to occupy your time. If you shop to bond with friends, make plans to try a new restaurant or see a movie instead. Go to the library and look for a book to read on a rainy afternoon.

  3. Avoid going into stores. Stores and shopping districts are a major source of temptation. Just stay away. Why torture yourself looking at things you know you can't buy?

  4. Make a mental list of things you would like to buy when your sabbatical's over. It seems counter-intuitive, but I've been doing this for a while now and it does help. If after 5 months, you still want the item you initially craved, it's going to be a well thought-out purchase rather than an impulsive one. Also, waiting to shop forces you to do research. For example, one of the items on my list is a couple of good-quality investment cashmere sweaters, so I've been looking up cashmere-buying and garment care tips online.

  5. Having strict, non-enabler friends helps. If I'm with a girlfriend who's shopping and I'm a bit too interested in an item, she'll bring me down to earth quickly with a major guilt trip.
Are you contemplating a shopping ban? Do you have any tips on starting and sticking to a shopping sabbatical?

Happiness Is Just A Meme Away

(Oolong balancing a mini version of himself makes me happy, but then again, Oolong always cheers me up.)

Arielle from Hautest Style tagged me for a meme. It's the first time I've been tagged by a fellow blogger for one of these things, so I guess it means my readership's growing from "virtually non-existent" to "meager," right? ;-)

Anyway, here are the rules:

- Copy the rules.
- Write 14 "small things" that make me happy.
- Select 6 blogs so that they continue with the meme and notify them.

And, without further ado, the 14 small things that make me happy (in no particular order):
  1. My morning ritual: a huge mug of coffee, checking my Google Reader for updates to my favourite blogs, and seeing the thoughtful comments readers have left me.
  2. Comedies of the screwball and romantic variety.
  3. Latin pop music.
  4. Good song, good dance partner, good following on my part--the perfect salsa synchronicity.
  5. A new episode of a beloved TV show.
  6. Good times with friends and family.
  7. Reading a good book in bed.
  8. Speaking Spanish with my Latin friends.
  9. Stuffed animals--bears, bunnies, pandas, and koalas in particular.
  10. Being able to take my contacts out at the end of a long day.
  11. That feeling of immense satisfaction I get when I eat a food I've been craving for ages (poutine, salmon sashimi, hot wings, Greek salad, jalapeno cheddar kettle-cooked chips).
  12. Flossing.
  13. Home manicures and pedicures.
  14. Diego Luna movies.

I'm tagging the following 6 blogs to complete the meme. I can't wait to see their lists!
  1. Being High Maintenance, Not Bitchy
  2. Civilized Spice
  3. Trisch Express
  4. A Bite of the Big Apple
  5. Letters From the End Consumer
  6. La Petite Fashionista

More Marciano Finds

Yesterday, I posted about Marciano's 'Crete' day dress and how much it reminded me of Lena in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. After writing that post, I had some time to peruse the Marciano website more extensively and found other intriguing items. Enjoy!

'Abby' back lace dress, $177.37. I keep coming back to this dress time and again. It's unabashedly sexy, yes, but it's also remarkably covered up. The neckline on the front hides the collarbone and long sleeves conceal bare arms and shoulders. What's left is an alluring glimpse of your back (again, somewhat hidden yet made all the more alluring by the black lace) and your long legs. I can picture myself making dramatic exits wherever I wear this frock, flashing over-the-shoulder flirtatious smiles at cute boys. However, I'm not sure if those stellar moments would be worth the price tag.

'Christy' zipper pin, $50.68. For those unfamiliar with SATC, or those who are only casual watchers of the TV series, Carrie's white vintage dress with the huge flower corsage in the movie feels fresh and new. For myself and other diehard fans, the look smacks of season 3: I even remember her sporting the flower on a one-shoulder dress in one of those episodes where she's dating the politician. In short, the concept seems recycled, which is why I'm so intrigued by this pin. Part ornate bow, part abstract flower, the silver zipper and oversized jewels give it some edge and downtown attitude. The details also liven up a "been there, done that" look. Just imagine how great it'd look pinned to a floaty white sundress or chiffon dress, on the collar of a denim jacket, or clipped to a mass of flowing wavy hair.

'Eva' belt, $71.79. The next time you find yourself bored to death with your little black dress for a formal event, try cinching it with a special belt like this one to stand out in a sea of black. What makes this belt so awesome, you ask? It juxtaposes various textures and combines some major accessories trends with its oversized black gems, gold feathers, and faux python. At the same time, though, it strikes a delicate balance between statement accessory and downright garishness. Wear this belt and feel as exotic as a rare jewel or a jungle creature.


Marciano 'Crete' Day Dress

This comes as a bit of a shameful confession, but I'm a closet The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants fan. I first became intrigued when I saw the movie trailer, and through the first movie and my voracious reading of the entire series in one weekend, became utterly devoted. After Sex and the City, Sisterhood is the second most exciting chick flick for me this summer. Ann Brashares's emotional storylines, beautiful Santorini scenery, great acting by a quartet of appealing can you go wrong?

In particular, I'm a huge fan of Alexis Bledel's ladylike look while she's in Santorini: full skirts, demure blouses, strappy sundresses, and perfectly wavy hair. I honestly wanted everything she wore in the film--impossible, yes, but at least I can search for summer pieces that look like something her character, Lena, may wear while summering in Greece. The 'Crete' day dress by Marciano ($113.87) echoes Lena's tastes perfectly. The dress combines an empire waist with a loose A-line cut, making it comfortably breezy while highlighting the narrowest part of the body. I love the pockets on the sides--perfect for hiding nervous, fidgety fingers while talking to cute Grecian boys.

How Do You Wear It: Jeffrey Campbell Cutout Heel

It's time for a long overdue edition of How Do You Wear It! If this is the first time you've read this feature, basically, MizzJ and I select a standout item that we style outfits around. This time, we've chosen the turquoise cutout heel by Jeffrey Campbell ($88). When I first proposed this shoe as the next HDYWI item to MizzJ, she actually said, "It's so you. Classic but unique." I see what she means: the peep toe, the worn-in quality of the burnished leather, the 2" high conical heel...they seem like a hybrid of my peep-toe shoes and my beige Pull and Bear heels with the button adornments (remember, the ones I spilled beer on and still haven't re-dyed?). I think my deep love of these shoes was my downfall, though, because for the longest time I envisioned them with everything. With previous HDYWI posts, the concept for the outfit came to me immediately, but this one had me stumped because I didn't know how to narrow down my vision.

Finally, after much pondering, I turned to the Chap Olympiad for inspiration. The Chap Olympiad is an annual picnic extravaganza that happens in London. To attend, you have to do a little scavenger hunt around the city for clues that will help you find the final destination. Once you get to the final destination, everyone is dressed in vintage clothing and nostalgic paraphernalia and enjoying a picnic on a lawn or in a garden. I first heard about the Chap Olympiad via Times of Glory, who posted about her experiences attending the event here. Her wonderful photos prompted me to think about what I would wear if I were to go. Heck, I'd wear this outfit out and about in the city if I could afford all the pieces (hint hint, Anthropologie).

Tiffany's Treasure top, $62.30. I started off with this confection of a top in mind. The Swiss-dotted light blue layers, ruffles, pleats, and black bow are as sweet as can be, and make this top look like something an antique doll might wear.

Buttoned pencil skirt, $160.04. Next, I wanted to tone down the preciousness of the top with a no-nonsense black pencil skirt. This version from Anthropologie is sleek and menswear-inspired--a perfect contrast to the softness of the top. The row of buttons down one side lends it added vintage appeal.

Poison oval ring, $24. Poison rings presumably got their name because the hinged ornament or stone on the front opened to reveal a small storage space behind the ring, forming the perfect place for storing poison to be used on a disliked courtier. The jade green of the stone and the silver complement the sea-blue top and the brilliant turquoise hue of the shoes.

'Sunday Best' wallet, $214.11. I seem to do this a lot: choose an item so adorable that I'm at a loss for words to describe how wonderful it is. This wallet with a detachable wrist strap would be one of them. Just drink in the whimsical details and that Granny Smith apple green.

Straw Panama hat, 12 pounds. A Panama hat on a man is a classic masculine touch; on a woman, it hints at confident sex appeal. This hat will keep the sun off your face while counterbalancing the girliness of the rest of the outfit.

Porcelain layering necklace, $24. It's another little detail that adds depth and visual interest, and it ties together the blues and greens in the rest of the outfit.

Update: MizzJ has published her HDYWI post here.

Today's Outfit: Skirt Day!

I've probably mentioned this many times before, but just for the sake of context, I'll say this again: I work at a software company with a very lenient dress code, and I'm quite thankful for it because I can wear jeans and sneakers to work whenever I want. However, this is just one of many factors conducive to casual dress at my workplace. For one thing, most of the people I work with are internal-facing (i.e. they don't interact with clients or people outside of the company regularly, if at all), so ultimately no one is out to impress anyone and we only have to look tolerably presentable to each other. Also, many of these coworkers are male; although a good number of them have sartorial smarts, they still prefer more casual clothes. Couple this with the laid-back vibe of the West coast, and suddenly jeans and sneakers become the implicit uniform du jour.

So what's a girl to do if she wants to break out of her wardrobe rut, if only for a day? Some of my female coworkers have a ritual called Skirt Day. They send an email calendar reminder to whoever's interested, telling her to wear a skirt or a dress on a designated day. Skirt Day usually ends with a dinner reservation and a couple of drinks. It's a chance to dress up, have fun, socialize with coworkers, and be an out-and-out girly girl.

Yesterday was my first ever Skirt Day, and I'm looking forward to more in the future. I chose to wear my Charlotte dress with a white tank layered underneath to conceal the low back and neckline. It turned out to be a great outfit for the hot day and the Tequila Kitchen patio in Yaletown, where I had delicious guacamole and tostadas de atun for dinner. Mmm.
  • Pink and white floral dress (from Mexico)
  • White tank top with shoulder ruching and ties (RW & Co)
  • Low black wedges (Karen Elise)
  • Pearl stud earrings (Claire's)

BDG Shawl Collar Sweater

One of my must-have items for the fall, among other things, is a gray long-sleeved cardigan that I can layer over tees and tank tops while in the office. I want something a bit slouchy and unique as opposed to run-of-the-mill cardigans, so this BDG shawl collar sweater from Urban Outfitters ($42.00) would fit the bill nicely. The shawl collar swoops down the front of the sweater into spacious pockets on the sides; this detail isn't something you see everyday. The shade of gray is lovely too, but then again, I was a huge sucker for gray when it was all over stores last fall. It's not as harsh as either black or white, and it can have a lovely depth to it that suggests softness and luxuriousness. All in all, it seems like the perfect neutral.

Favourite Fashion Moments in Children's Lit

(Image from BBC production of I Capture the Castle, courtesy of

Us fashion bloggers are a funny bunch, aren't we? I suspect that beneath our stylish facades, hardcore bookworms and closet novelists are lurking. Why else would we spend so much time carefully crafting regular posts for the enjoyment of our web audiences? We receive the instant gratification of publishing our navel-gazing words and having a ready audience consume them.

Evidently, though, some fashion smarts snuck in amongst all that reading and writing as if by osmosis. Tastes were formed during formative years. I was reminded of that when I read through What Claudia Wore and recalled how I lingered over the details of the BSC girls' outfits when I was 8. I still own a Super Special where the BSC goes to New York; there was one chapter that described the contents of all their suitcases as they were packing for the trip that delighted me.

As I thought about fashion and children's literature (especially children's literature targeted toward girls) a bit more, I realized there were lots of memorable fashion moments in what I read as a kid that I still recall and love:
  • Anne of Green Gables: Anne gets her first pretty dress with puffed sleeves after much obsessing. She and Diana get ready for the White Sands recital in the east gable room, deliberating over whether to wear the pearl beads Matthew bought her.
  • Little Women: Screw the moral lesson associated with the "Meg Goes to Vanity Fair" chapter. I just loved the makeover aspect of it all.
  • Sweet Valley High and BSC books: All those outfit details were a feast for the imagination.
  • Eyewitness books: The Eyewitness history books had amazing photos of historic costumes and jewelry from Rome, Egypt, China, and medieval times. I drank it all in.
  • Seventeen magazine: I subscribed at the age of 11 and didn't quit until I graduated from high school--only to move on to Cosmo, Glamour, InStyle, Marie Claire, and so on.
  • Archie comics: To this day, Archie comics remain my greatest source of insight into 1950s vintage fashion. Sad, no?
  • I Capture the Castle: Okay, I confess I read this when I was 19, so I guess it doesn't really count. It was the perfect book for a mellow rainy afternoon. I felt Rose and Cassandra's pain as they tried to make do with skimpy wardrobes and craved the smart little black dresses of city women.
I could probably go on and on about my favourite books, but it's your turn: What are some of your favourite fashion moments from your childhood reading material?

Luxe Or Less: Colourful Chanel Ballet Flats

In this case, the question "Who copied whom?" is like asking which came first, the chicken or the egg. Ballet flats are traditionally dance shoes, so it's not like Chanel can take the credit for that innovation. By the same token, it would make sense for a dance shoe manufacturer like Bloch to come out with streetwear ballet flats. However, who came up with the idea of a fluorescent two-tone flat first? Bloch's purple-and-black number bears an uncanny resemblance to Chanel's hot pink-and-black flat. These colours are spunky and will definitely get you noticed, but I think I prefer Bloch's navy and yellow versions with white accents more.

Bloch luxury ballet flats, on sale for $51 on

Nine West 'Today' Shoe

Longtime readers of my blog have probably figured out by now that I'm a huge sucker for bows, buttons, and buckles as adornments on shoes. And in case you haven't, well, I'm telling you now. This 'Today' shoe by Nine West caught my eye for three reasons:

  1. The pretty black bow on the toe is ornate and girly, and is adorned by the sweetest little jewel.
  2. The shoe is pointy-toed. I have a bit of an obsession with pointy-toed flats that stretches back to the Ralph Lauren tweed flats I found at the A&N shoe sale and the black quilted patent Steve Maddens I found at Sterling. My most current pointy-toed flat obsession is a pair from Burberry's fall collection. Apparently, though, I'm not the only one obsessed: the August issue of Lucky magazine devoted three pages to this type of shoe.
  3. It's on sale for $50 on the Canadian Nine West website!
Unfortunately, my shopping sabbatical forbids me from buying clothes and accessories until the end of September at least. Please, one of you, give these shoes a good home so I can live through you vicariously.
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