Today's Outfit: Black, White (And Green)

Quick, what's black and white and green all over?

a) The Grinch and a zebra in a duel to the death.
b) Cruella de Vil after a run-in with PETA protesters.
c) Lisa showing off her outfit and the inside lining of her coat.

P.S. Thanks to MizzJ for snapping the pics!
P.P.S. Despite how sheer the black top appears in the photo, rest assured that no skin was actually shown. I've got one of those miraculous Uniqlo heat-retaining camis on underneath. It was so miraculous, in fact, that I survived the day in the office with bare arms.
  • Coat (Anthropologie)
  • Top (Next--London)
  • Necklace (local craft fair)
  • Skirt (Urban Outfitters)
  • Tights (H&M)
  • Shoes (Next--London)


Second Childhood

If you're small of stature and short on funds, consider making your next shoe purchase in the kids department. Although kids' shoes have their share of licensed garbage, the options are definitely getting more stylish and, dare I say, more adult. Last year, I found a pair of gold leather cork wedge sandals at Gap Kids which earned disbelieving looks from friends, family, and colleagues when I gleefully told them I was wearing kids' shoes. (Check out what they look like here.)

Other benefits of buying your footwear from the kids department include:
  1. Better fit: Women who wear sizes 6 or smaller and have difficulty finding shoes that fit narrow feet may have better luck in the kiddie department.
  2. Lower price: Kids' shoes cost less than adult shoes. Also, in BC you don't have to pay the PST (provincial sales tax) on children's clothing and accessories.
  3. More comfort: Kids' shoes are designed for active souls with growing feet, which means that the shoes usually have low heels and are fairly comfortable. I can walk anywhere and everywhere in the city while wearing my Gap Kids sandals.
If you still don't believe me, I'll let the following examples do the persuading for me.


Airwalk Sand Pine boot, $24.99

Smartfit wedge boot, $24.99

Smartfit lace kitten heel, $19.99

Smartfit gold chain flat, $19.99

Gap Kids

Patent mary-janes, $29.50

Button ballet flats, $29.50

Have you ever bought kids' clothes and accessories for yourself?

More Bluefly Goodies

While browsing for coats on Bluefly, I spotted other lovely things guaranteed to keep you cozy and cute during the winter. Enjoy!

C3 Collection ivory cashmere squirrel sweater, $126.65. Wearing this sweater with Wendy's squirrel necklace would be cuteness overload in the best possible way.

C3 Collection wheat cashmere flower sweater, $126.65. With cherry blossoms encircling one sleeve, can spring be far behind?

MICHAEL Michael Kors black leather 'Astor' studded gloves, $48.45. I have yet to find a pair of leather gloves with a fit that's satisfactory, but I do love the double row of studs on these beauties.


Sass & Bide 'The Day After' Pinafore

If the prim Victorian and streetwise hoodie-loving East Van sides of my personality got together and had an illegitimate love child, it would surely look like the Sass & Bide 'The Day After' pinafore, on sale at Revolve Clothing for $73. The whole idea of donning a pinafore conjures up images of my favourite girlhood literary figures, especially those that populate Lucy Maud Montgomery's novels. But the brass buttons (and oh, I do have a thing for brass buttons as evidenced by these boots)! And the white topstitching playfully deconstructing the black expanse of the skirt! And the relatively short hemline! If I wore this pinafore with chunky-heeled cutout booties, a white scoopneck tee, and a straw Panama hat, I'd leave Anne of Green Gables and Emily of New Moon in the dust.*

*although these ladies are perfectly stylish in their own respect

Translated: Reik

I've written about Reik and translated their songs many times already on this blog. (Click here for evidence.) But every time I listen to their music, a different song catches my attention and appeals to whatever mood I'm feeling at the moment.

Blame it on the winter blues, my own virtually non-existent love life, the fact that it's taken me a year and a half to fully move on after my last big break-up, or the fact that a close friend is moving on from a volatile relationship. Whatever it is, this song just spoke to me. Yes, it's Latin pop, but it's curiously unprocessed Latin pop. This raw quality makes the lyrics even sadder--perfect listening for my melancholy moments.

Ahora Sin Ti ("Now Without You")

Today I decided
I'll never think of you again
This feeling you have given me
Is too much for me

I'm here
Recording these moments
Intending to understand why you're not here
And I'm always here
Waiting for that day
Waiting for you to decide to return

It's the taste
It's the taste of your lips
A drug that poisons me and drives me mad
It's the smell
It's the smell of your hair
The aroma of spring which lingers on my skin

I can't forget
The time you loved me
But now that you're not here
I miss you
I love you
You'll never return

I'm here
Sculpting these verses
Discarding the sentiments of my love
And I'm leaving from here
Beginning another life
An emptier life now that you're not in it

It's the taste
It's the taste of your lips
A drug that poisons me and drives me mad
It's the smell
It's the smell of your hair
The aroma of spring which lingers on my skin

Now without you
I have no choice but to let you go

Cool Coats

Coats and jackets are a major obsession of mine. After all, in a city like Vancouver where it's cold and/or rainy about 7-8 months of the year, they form a vital part of my wardrobe. When Vancouverites walk down the street, their outer layers are one of the first things people notice about their outfits, and therefore extremely important in making a favourable first impression.

I know that with the current economic crisis the last thing on some people's minds is probably replacing the worn-out winter coat sitting in their closet. But trust me, it's worth it: A well-fitting coat with a flattering cut and high-quality fabrication will take you everywhere in style. Belted waists, a versatile knee-length, oversized buttons, contrasting trim, neutral colours, and cozy collars are just some of the details that add visual interest, yet retain a classic aesthetic that will keep your coat looking fresh 5 years down the road.

I found some delectable coats on Bluefly with prices ranging from $100 to just a little over $200. The price tags are steep, yes. But it's better to invest in a good-quality coat than to buy a cheap thrill that will leave you out in the cold.

Miss Sixty ivory wool blend rib knit collar coat, $132.60

MICHAEL Michael Kors black wool houndstooth belted coat,$178.50

Laundry black wool melton contrast trimmed coat, $206.55

Laundry steel gray wool melton banded zip coat, $221.85


Translated: Julieta Venegas/ Eugenia Leon

Out of the 4 films I managed to catch at the Vancouver International Film Festival this year, my favourite was Quemar las Naves, or Burn the Bridges in English. Burn the Bridges tells the story of Helena and Sebastian, siblings stuck in a crumbling colonial mansion caring for their gravely ill and bedridden mother. Their situation is one of precarious harmony until a boy with a rough background transfers to Sebastian's school and Sebastian must deal with his burgeoning homosexuality.

I know this isn't much of a synopsis, but it's hard to sum up the wonderful character-driven drama and smart comedic moments in this film and in the gems of contemporary Mexican cinema in general. For example, how would you describe Y Tu Mama Tambien? A film about two teenage boys on a road trip with an older woman whom they plan to seduce. And Amores Perros? Three love stories which intersect because a car accident in Mexico City touches all of the characters' lives. You see? It's difficult to do without spoiling the movie or turning this blog post into a novella. Just trust me when I say this is an extremely impressive and memorable film.

Equally haunting is the song "Mi Principio" by Eugenia Leon, which echoes the film's title and recurs throughout as a motif for endings and fresh starts. For the movie soundtrack, folksy pop singer Julieta Venegas did a cover of "Mi Principio," adding her own special touch with her smooth vocals and mellow sound. You can listen to Julieta sing and see clips from Quemar Las Naves in the Youtube video below. If this video doesn't pique your curiosity and inspire you to check out more Mexican cinema, I don't know what will.

Want to hear Eugenia belt it out? Check out Senora Leon's version here. Talk about powerhouse vocals!

Anyway, I dedicate this song and my translation of the lyrics to anyone out there seeking to leave bad situations behind and embark on fresh starts.

Mi Principio ("My Beginning")

One day I'm going to go
And I won't ever return
I would prefer the solitude
Than to live without my truth
You'll miss me for sure
Like a city bird
that goes seeking the sea

Because in the end
Even though I was happy here
I must move on, to a place far from here
Don't misunderstand me
It doesn't concern two people
It seems like the end but it's my beginning

One day I'm going to go
And I won't ever return
I would prefer the solitude
Than to live without my truth

Because in the end
Even though I was happy here
I must move on, to a place far from here
Don't misunderstand me
It doesn't concern two people
It seems like the end but it's my beginning
Don't misunderstand me
It doesn't concern two people
It seems like the end but it's my beginning

One day I'm going to go
And I won't ever return
I would prefer the solitude
Than to live without my truth

Without my truth
Without my truth

Lovely Links

Working Girl shows us that a lack of common sense, sensitive workplace information, and Facebook do not mix. Seriously, I read this post and thought it was pretty miraculous that this guy didn't get disciplined or dismissed.

Help WendyB decide which hue her J. Crew corduroys should come in!

La Couturier's surprise package of Chanel beauty booty and other goodies makes me wish I had a generous aunt who could hook me up with freebies.

A picture's worth a thousand words: I tried to discuss Latin girl chic in one of last year's posts, but the Sartorialist shows us what it really means with his most recent series of photos, all taken in Rio.

Jennine from The Coveted writes an uplifting post about fighting off fashion blogger envy. Read it, love it, and bookmark it so you can go back if you need a pick-me-up.

Broke and Beautiful discusses the magical ensemble equation that will let you wear dresses in winter without freezing to death.

Ever heard of the site Postcards From Yo' Momma? Lovely blogger Teresa Wu recently launched the Asian equivalent, My Mom is a Fob. Keep the tissues handy for the tears of laughter that are sure to come.

Ambika makes the cutest apron ever. Must think of Jennine's words and refrain from envying her sewing skills...

Lela Rose for Payless 'Sanborn' Flat

The holiday season is approaching quite quickly, which means that in less than 2 weeks we'll be thrust into an endless round of parties, worrying about which present to get whom, and making many a madcap dash to the mall at the last minute. All of this frantic activity condensed into the space of a month can stress out tender tootsies (think long days of shopping, followed by hours in high heels mingling with party guests) and your bank account. I suggest giving your feet and your credit card some relief with affordable yet fancy-looking flats such as the Lela Rose for Payless 'Sanborn' flat, on sale for $29.99. Available in gray or black, it's the details on these shoes that make them look far more expensive than they are--satin fabrication, a scalloped round toe, an oversized bow placed jauntily to the side, and a d'Orsay cutout. Now, flats don't have the obvious sex appeal of stilettos, but then again, you'll be thankful you wore them in case the "dinner and drinks" Christmas party with a select few coworkers ends at a club in the wee hours of the morning.

Do you have any sanity-saving tips for a hectic holiday season?

Tagged For Happiness

Gorgeous Anthea of Clothes Line Finds tagged me to list 6 unimportant things that make me happy. I've done something similar in the past when Arielle of Hautest Style tagged me for a meme, so I'll try not to repeat anything I said before and count other blessings in my life.
  1. Surprise text messages :)
  2. Custom MSN emoticons: I have one for almost every imaginable scenario, I swear.
  3. Pixar films. I need to get my copy of Wall-E, stat!
  4. The miniature train in Stanley Park, especially around Halloween and Christmas when they set up the Ghost Train and Bright Nights, respectively.
  5. Seriously incurable cases of the giggles.
  6. Cheese!

I'm tagging the following 5 bloggers to list what makes them happy:
  1. Being High Maintenance, Not Bitchy
  2. Koko Stiletto
  3. La Petite Fashionista
  4. Vulgar Moon
  5. La Couturier

Not WendyB's Fault After All?

So remember when I succumbed to temptation in NYC by buying a black-and-white plaid coat? And then I blamed my weak resolve on how fabulous WendyB looked in her coat? (See here and here to refresh your memory.) Well, I was searching for something in my archives and came across one of my Anthropologie birthday wishlists from September. The coat was listed as one of my items! While Wendy may have reawakened my desire for it, I think in the end I can chalk this up to my own hopelessness. Yeesh.


Lovely bloggers Lauren and Catherine of AsianCajuns recently awarded me with an E for Excellence blog award! I found out during the wee hours of Thursday night when I checked my blog comments and was thrilled to be recognized by a blog I respect and love to read. Several days have passed, and since then the initial euphoria has faded into a persistent warm fuzzy glow.

I'm starting to understand why it was so difficult for Lauren and Catherine to choose 5 blogs to award the E to as I stare at my own blogroll. I love and subscribe to all of them, after all. Regardless, here are 5 blogs that I can't get enough of and why I think they're Excellent:
  • By Teresa Wu: I started reading because of her Big Apple anecdotes and kept on reading because she's a fantastic storyteller and absolutely hilarious.
  • Civilized Spice: I'm disappointed I never got to meet the Spicy Ladies at Vancouver Fashion Week, but I will continue to enjoy their candid take on fashion, relationships, and Vancouver life.
  • Clothes Line Finds: In the words of one of my all-time favourite books, Anne of Green Gables, Anthea is a kindred spirit. We hit it off at Vancouver Fashion Week right from the get-go. Even if I'd never had a chance to meet her in person, though, I would've given her an E for her coverage of VFW. One person covering 4 days' worth of events--whoa.
  • Couture Carrie: Every day CC groups together a seemingly disparate yet beautiful collection of items and traces a common theme running through them. I love how she sees things in a different light and inspires other fashionistas to do the same.
  • Style By Fire: Miranda's coverage of fashion and retail in Vancouver is always well-written and insightful.
Congratulations, ladies, and keep up the Excellent blogging!

Lisa's Most Coveted List

There's nothing I'm lusting after at the moment because I'm simmering in contentment post-vacation--well, except a pair of skinny/straight-cut jeans perhaps. Here are the things I love right now.

1. My two-tone T-strap heels. Part of Next's Sole Reviver line, I found these shoes in London for a scant 30 pounds and they have proven to be the most comfortable pair of heels I've ever owned. I love the soft leather, non-slip flexible sole, and super-cushy footbed. Also, any salsa dancer will tell you that ankle and T-straps go a long way in making heels comfortable by strapping your feet firmly in place and preventing sliding and friction, so part of the comfort factor can be attributed to the shoe's style. I've been wearing these shoes with thin black socks and jeans lately. On Friday, I wore them for 13 hours--through work, dinner, a movie, treks to and from the Skytrain and bus stops in the rain--and at the end of the day I didn't feel any pain or discomfort. For a girl who's used to wearing flats or very low heels, wearing a 2.5" heel for that long and not suffering is unheard of.

2. Uniqlo's Heat Tech camisoles in beige. Another serendipitous London find, I'd bought a sheer black cotton top with a lacy collar at Next and was wondering what on earth I could wear underneath when I stumbled upon these miraculous camis at Uniqlo. The packaging claims that Heat Tech garments use a special fabric blend which retains heat better than cotton while softening the wearer's skin. I'm rather skeptical of the latter claim, but I am impressed by how soft and thin the camis are. They're the perfect underpinning for sheer tops--totally opaque but skin-coloured and thin enough to tuck into jeans. I'm in love.

3. "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay. The lyrics remind me of Versailles and Louis XVI at some points and remain an enigma at others.

4. Giant Starbucks coffee mugs. Seriously, how great is it to drink piping hot tea or coffee from a mug the size of a small flower pot? The caffeine content and the warmth are enough to perk you up on even the most gloomy of afternoons.

5. Text messages. I've been getting quite a few lately that bring a silly grin to my face.

Diego, Me Encanta

Forget the new James Bond movie. I'm more excited about Milk, the Harvey Milk biopic starring Sean Penn which comes out on December 5th. The film recounts the story of the first openly gay man to be elected into office in California during the 1970s. Sadly, he was assassinated the following year. The timing of this film's release is uncanny given the recent results of the Prop 8 vote in California.

Milk's allure for me lies in the fact that this is the first major English-language release that Diego Luna has done in years. According to various sources, Diego plays Sean Penn's lover. (I was pursing my lips with envy as I typed that last sentence). Watch the trailer below; you'll see Diego at 0:58, sporting big hair, aviators, and skintight jeans with his arm wrapped around Sean Penn.

I know it's typical of girls with massive celebrity crushes to gush about how great the objects of their affection are; nevertheless, I honestly admire Diego for the audacity and variety of his project choices. Of his more prominent film roles, he's played:
  • A hormonal teenager out to seduce an older woman on a road trip (Y Tu Mama Tambien)
  • A lovelorn journalist with few ambitions in life (Solo Dios Sabe)
  • A dancing teenage heartthrob in pre-revolutionary Cuba (Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights)
  • An airport employee who feeds Tom Hanks (The Terminal)
  • A Michael Jackson impersonator (Mister Lonely)
  • The guilt-ridden best friend of a suicidal schizophrenic (El Bufalo de la Noche)
  • A rookie con artist learning the ropes from a seasoned pro (Criminal)
If Diego isn't enough yummy eye candy for you, Emile Hirsch and James Franco ought to sweeten the deal. Yep, they're in movie too.

Product Review: Avojuice Skin Quenchers Lotion

This is the full-size version of the product. Image from

In my purse, I carry a small blue zip pouch that contains what I consider my everyday essentials: eye drops, concealer, lip balm, blotting papers, an Ouchless elastic or two, and last but not least, hand lotion. Hand lotion helps combat winter dryness and makes me feel better after I've washed my hands with harsh public washroom soap. However, finding an effective yet yummy-smelling travel-size lotion was always difficult for me--until now.

Months ago, I cashed in a $10 gift certificate to a Robson Street cosmetics shop by picking up a bottle of OPI lacquer in a shimmery fuchsia. I needed something to top off my purchase total, and on a whim I threw in a 15 ml bottle of Avojuice Skin Quenchers Lotion in Peach Juicie.

I've been using my little bottle of Avojuice for the past month and couldn't be more pleased with it. The first thing I noticed about the bottle was how compact it was compared to the mini bottles of Lubriderm that I was used to. Although both brands make their trial sizes in 15 ml bottles, the Avojuice bottle is a lot slimmer and just a tad taller, which means it takes up less room in my purse. The bottle is also easier to squeeze, letting me control exactly how much I want to use at a time.

As for scent and texture, there was no contest: Avojuice has the most tantalizing peachy smell, and the lotion absorbed into my skin quickly and left my hands feeling silky smooth. It left Lubriderm in the dust on both counts. For only $2 a pop, I'm definitely stopping by this store to pick up another bottle when my first one runs out. Maybe I'll try a different scent the second time around.

What are your purse essentials?

Today's Outfit: Versailles

Versailles is such a delight, and even more so when the weather is cooperating. Although clouds loomed on the horizon in the morning, by the afternoon they cleared up to reveal the bluest of skies. It made strolling the grounds of the Petit Trianon and admiring the gardens that much more wonderful.

For me, what hammered home the grandeur of Versailles more than anything else was Marie Antoinette's miniature hamlet. Having worked at a toy store for four years or so, I can recognize a toy when I see one. This was a toy on a grand scale for a woman with decadent tastes.
  • Reddish-orange jacket (Jacob)
  • Dress (Topshop)
  • Black leggings (H&M)
  • Black boots (Aldo)
  • Blue scarf (from Paris)
  • Sunglasses (Chanel)
  • Cross-body bag (Mountain Equipment Co-op)

A Bientot, Paris

I know it seems like all I did was shop my way through three cities, but I did do other things as well. Here's a small sampling of what I got up to in Paris.

I jumped for joy in front of the Arc de Triomphe.

I toured Versailles. (I don't know what's up with my "I have to pee" pose in that photo.)

I also toured Notre Dame while Sunday mass was happening. The acoustics in there are amazing; the choir and organ sounded great.

I hung out with Parisian bunnies in the bird market.

Strolling over one of the bridges that links the Ile de la Cite to Rive Droite is an absolute delight when it's sunny out.

Nancy, Cecilia, and I showed off our cancan kicks in front of the Moulin Rouge.

Nancy and I also gave The Thinker a run for his money at the Rodin Museum.

And, of course, who could forget the Eiffel Tower?


Quoted: Anonymous Guy Friend

***** says:
i hope you can make it
Lisa says:
oh :-(
Lisa says:
i'm supposed to hang out with [NAME]
Lisa says:
count me in as a tentative
Lisa says:
if [NAME] can't get his act together, i'll tag along
***** says:
[NAME] is ?
***** says:
***** says:
you have too many boys in your life i cannot distinguish them based on names
***** says:
only actions and events

- My anonymous guy friend commenting on my ever fluctuating and virtually non-existent (but extremely entertaining) romantic life

London High Street Changing Room Chronicles (Vol. 2)

Vol. 2 seems like an anti-climactic finish to my first installment of London high street changing room pictures as there aren't many more photos left.

Miss Selfridge

Again, it was the prim Victorian quality of this top that drew me in. However, I didn't like how it draped around my hips and hid my waistline. Too sack-like once again.

I liked this skirt enough to buy it, then after trying it on back at my hostel, thought better of my purchase and returned it the next day. I didn't like how the stitching seemed to be coming apart even before I'd worn it.

Dorothy Perkins

I bought this top and returned it the next day as well. Once I got back to the hostel and tried it on again, I noticed the bows were only stitched on the top half but not the bottom; they flapped about. Not good.

Haircut Dilemma Resolved (Finally!!)

You may remember me lamenting the sad state of my hair two months ago and asking for your opinion about which haircut I should get. Well, I finally found the time to go to the hairdresser today. Laziness and soccer mom phobia won in the end and I wound up going with #2. Oh, and your votes may have had something to do with that decision as well. :)


Me in Montmartre. For the past month I've resorted to clipping my bangs back and slicking my hair into a high ponytail to keep it out of my face. (Thanks to Nance in France for snapping this pic!)


I'm pretty sure I lost anywhere from 5 to 7 inches of hair. By the way, that ghostly blue glow is there courtesy of my laptop screen.

Today's Outfit: Vancouver Fashion Week

Things have been quite hectic since I came back to Vancouver. I feel like I'm in limbo--not quite back at the office yet, but back in Vancity and slowly easing into familiar daily routines. First up, though, is Vancouver Fashion Week. As a writer for Stylefinds, I received a media pass and full access to the shows. Yay! You can read my coverage of the first day here. So far, I've been really impressed with how the organizers of VFW are courting local bloggers and granting us full-on media access. While covering Day 1 and 2, I met Anthea of Clothes Line Finds, who is just as lovely in real life as she is online. We had a great time sitting together at the shows and attending the Day 2 after-party at Crush champagne lounge.

The opening gala happened the night that I landed; since then, I've gone to 3 days worth of fashion shows. This was the first time I planned ahead enough to get my brother to take an outfit picture for me before I bolted out the door.

Coverage of subsequent shows is coming, so be sure to check Stylefinds regularly, or click the link in my sidebar under "Latest Stylefinds Post."
  • Jacket (Target)
  • White tank top (RW & Co)
  • White tee (Suzy Shier)
  • Jeans (Rock & Republic)
  • Two-toned T-strap heels (from London)
  • Earrings (RW & Co)
  • Purse (Chanel)
  • Socks (Sears)

London High Street Changing Room Chronicles (Vol. 1)

NOTE: This is going to be a "laundry list of purchases" post. If you, like one of my anonymous commenters, find these types of posts annoying/overwhelming/offensive, this is the polite heads-up to stop reading right now. Consider yourself warned. :)

Whenever I go on vacation, I take loads of pictures near the beginning and experience camera fatigue by the end, which explains why I snapped so many changing room photos in London but didn't take any changing room pictures in Paris or NYC. These pictures are from the day I shopped along Oxford Street. I didn't end up buying very many of these pieces because I found fault with a lot of them once I tried them on.

P.S. Snapping changing room pics is a great way to decide whether or not to buy something if you're undecided. The digital camera provides an objective point of view on what you really look like in that questionable top.


I found this dress on the clearance rack and tried it on on a whim; ironically, it was the only piece I bought. I really like the florals; they're not too pastel-y. The dress is made of cotton and would make a cute sundress, or look good paired with thick tights and tall black leather boots.

This top was okay at best. The fabric didn't feel very nice to the touch and I was wary of having to buy a nude-coloured layer to wear underneath the relatively sheer top.

I first drooled over this top online and couldn't wait to try it on when I found it in-store. However, I didn't like how the top hid my waist and was a bit too sheer in the bottom. If you look a bit closer, you can see the waist of my jeans through the pink fabric.

The blue ruffled blouse and brown wool trousers look amazing in this photo; they just didn't feel amazing when they were on me! The trousers could do with a lining underneath as they felt rather itchy, even for the two minutes I had them on in the changing room.


This top looked promising on the hanger. On me, it was a bit shapeless.

I was pretty impressed with how slim I looked when I put this top on; it just created a long, lean line. The primness of the collar appealed to my inner Victorian (the same inner Victorian that makes me lists lines from Tennyson's 'Ulysses' as my favourite quote on my Facebook profile).

I really loved the fabric on this top and was rather disappointed with how sack-like it appeared on my frame.

The colour? Yes. The ruffles? Pretty. The fabric? No thanks--it clung in funny ways and made me look lumpier than I am.

Like the Topshop trousers, this sweater proved too itchy.

One Last Night in the Big Apple, and Home Again

On my last night of vacation in the Big Apple, Mark (you may remember him as Obama) took me to dinner at a Williamsburg restaurant called Marlow and Sons. The place looked a bit like a turn-of-the-century dry goods store from the front, but once you get to the back you see candlelight, trestle tables and benches, and bottles of wine and liquor lining the walls--cozy and atmospheric but not at all pretentious. The menu features an ever-rotating selection of delicatessen meats and cheeses, and the entrees and salads are all made from seasonal organic ingredients. Delicious.

This place, as well as the bars in Paris, made me wish that there were more grown-up lounges in Vancouver where you could order wine, bread, cheese, and meat, and just have an intimate get-together with friends. The only place in Vancity I can think of for this sort of thing is Salt Tasting Lounge in Gastown, and the one time I went there I wasn't all that impressed.

Afterward, Mark had some work stuff he had to take care of and I had to pack, so we went back to his place and did both while glued to the CNN news coverage of the election results. It was so inspiring and moving to see Democratic supporters celebrating Obama's victory in the streets. I was thoroughly affected by his speech and how he acknowledged his victory, yet also recognized that much work had to be done and the road wasn't going to be easy. I can't wait to see what's to come. Pierre Trudeau once characterized Canada's relationship with the United States as akin to that of someone next to a sleeping elephant; I hope that Obama's victory means that the movements of said sleeping elephant won't crush us.

My flight home was uneventful except for the fact that I was exceptionally sleepy and I had exceptionally painful stomach cramps--so painful, in fact, that my legs felt weak, I was writhing in my seat, and the flight attendants on duty offered to page a medical professional to advise me while we were in the air. Thankfully, the cramps went away, but the night before and the events of today have left me in bad shape for attending the opening gala of Vancouver Fashion Week tonight. I think my energy would be better spent recuperating and getting a full night's rest so that I can attend and cover tomorrow's shows for Stylefinds.

This Is For You, WendyB

When Wendy and I met up at Pio Pio, Halloween came up in the conversation and I described for her one of my favourite couples costumes from the GOTO Halloween Bash. She exclaimed, "You HAVE to post pictures of it on your blog!!"

So, without further ado, may I present Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise with little Suri.

Her shirt says: "I <3 Tom." His says: "I <3 Scientology."

The aforementioned phrases continue on the backs of the shirts. His shirt: "...And men." Her shirt: "...Help me!"

Show Some Bloglovin'

I'm a diehard Google Reader devotee and therefore unlikely to switch over to Bloglovin'. However, for those of you who've become Bloglovin' addicts, I've added a button on the right-hand side of this blog to make things easier for you. Enjoy!

NYC Cheap Thrills

Off the top of my head, I can name a host of exclusively American stores that inspire consumer's envy among us Canadian chicas: Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works, Forever 21, Target, Abercrombie & Fitch, Anthropologie, etc. I got my first taste of Anthropologie on Thursday when I ventured into Soho. Today I got to relieve some more of that consumer's envy while satisfying my desire for cheap chic: I went to the Target at Atlantic Junction in Brooklyn and the Forever 21 in Union Square.

The "buy for quality and longevity" attitude that I now have has spoiled these stores for me. I poked and prodded, examined tags for fabrication details, pulled at seams and buttons with the utmost dubiousness. There were racks of things I didn't even want to touch or look at. And of the cheapie wool coats I would consider for a fleeting moment, none of them felt as nice or looked as good on the hanger as my new Anthropologie coat.

Despite my misgivings, I wound up with tons of stuff I tried on in multiple fitting room sessions. A pile of a dozen plus items narrowed down to 3 from each store. Here's my haul for today.


This Mossimo jacket with a high collar, blossom-embellished silver buttons, and silver-and-white fabric was one of the first items I reached for, and one of the only ones I kept after my fitting room sessions. It'd look great with a black tee, jeans, and flats.

I like how this top looks very demure from the front, but from the back you can see an exposed zipper--just a slight touch to toughen up the sweetness.

This Mossimo skirt looks best with a top tucked in so that the pleats and gathers around the waist are visible. It looked great with the black top I bought!

Forever 21

I LOVE these high-waisted shorts with the sailor-inspired button details. When I tried them on, I was wearing tights and knee-high black leather boots; the combination looked amazing. But these shorts would look equally amazing with a white tee, a statement necklace, and black patent peep-toe heels and clutch at night, don't you think?

The navy top had some neat trim detail along the edge and a hood in the back. I bought the necklace to use as a statement necklace or as a belt on skirts, dresses, and jeans. If I ever get sick of using the necklace as a necklace/belt, I'm pretty sure I can take the chains off and glue the art deco-inspired pearl piece to a pin and turn it into a brooch.
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