Drugstore Delight: Olay Age Defying Advanced With Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Gel Cream Moisturizer

Olay Age Defying Advanced With Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Gel Cream Moisturizer

This Drugstore Delight review comes courtesy of my husband, who point blank refuses to do anything with his skin unless he's reminded to. You might remember that the last time I got him to try a face mask, five years fell off his face. Well, since then he's lapsed into his usual habits (or lack thereof). And even though he has excellent skin genes working in his favour, things have been looking a little ashy and dry lately. A couple weeks ago I offered to do my home facial routine on him, and afterward I handed him Olay Age Defying Advanced With Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Gel Cream Moisturizer.


Product Review: The Body Shop Scrub & Body Cream

The Body Shop Spa of the World French Grape Seed Scrub Refining Body Scrub and The Body Shop Spa of the World Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream Firming Body Cream

The Body Shop has been on my radar since high school, but I have to admit that until I was invited to a media preview in late August, I hadn't set foot in one of their stores in ages. Now that I've had time to test-drive some of their new bath and body care launches though, I'm starting to get an inkling of how much I've been missing out on all these years, particularly when it comes to their much-loved body scrubs and body butters. Today I'm focusing on the French Grape Seed Body Scrub ($32) and Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream ($36), which will keep your skin feeling soft and smooth all winter, particularly if you opt for the oversize 350 ml tubs. More details after the jump!


Drugstore Delight: Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink

Flat lay featuring Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink lipstick in classic red 'Pioneer', a sparkly statement necklace from J. Crew, and an air plant in a white geometric bowl

Between buying presents and attending parties—and all the primping and little extras in between—the holiday season can be a very expensive time of year. So isn't it wonderful when you find an affordable lipstick that you can rely on for added drama in day-to-night looks, one that stays on through cocktails and dinners? Well, look no further than Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink ($11.99 at London Drugs).


My Fave Natural Cold & Flu Remedies

My fave cold and flu remedies

A-choo! Hopefully that's not you right now. The weather has taken a turn for the cold and wintry here in Vancouver, and while I'm excited for all things Christmas, this time of year also heralds cold and flu season. The natural remedies in this post are the extras that make me feel that much better and set me on the road towards recovery.


Venice Travel Diary

Selfie on the Rialto Bridge looking over Grand Canal, Venice, Italy

When we were planning our honeymoon in Italy, Venice was the destination we were both most ambivalent about, especially after reading this New York Times article likening it to "Disneyland for adults" and hearing several fellow bloggers complain about what a tourist trap it was. Rome had history and a certain grandeur about it; Florence had the Medici and medieval architecture; Cinque Terre looked amazing in photos. But Venice, what did it have? Canals? Gondolas? In the end though, Venice ended up blowing us away and was by far the best, most enjoyable leg of our trip.

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