My Fave Natural Cold & Flu Remedies

My fave cold and flu remedies

A-choo! Hopefully that's not you right now. The weather has taken a turn for the cold and wintry here in Vancouver, and while I'm excited for all things Christmas, this time of year also heralds cold and flu season. The natural remedies in this post are the extras that make me feel that much better and set me on the road towards recovery.

David's Tea organic Cold 911 tea

When I feel a tickle in my throat and oncoming congestion, I swap coffee and caffeinated beverages for David's Tea Organic Cold 911 ($16). The tea combines peppermint, eucalyptus, juniper, and citrus peel into a heady herbal blend that really clears up nasal passages and keeps you hydrated. To soothe a sore throat, you can even add a dollop of honey.

Body Shop Amazonian Saviour Multi-purpose Balm

My skin starts drying out everywhere when I get sick: My lips and nose chap from blowing my nose all the time, my arms and legs get scaley, and my elbows, knees, and feet become leathery. I've been keeping the Body Shop Amazonian Saviour Multi-Purpose Balm ($15) close by and applying it wherever I need it most—it helps that this little puck of product is super-portable and spill-proof. The all-natural formula positively melts into skin and there's no distracting scent, which means my nose can "focus" on the vaporizing rub and aromatherapy remedies and hot teas that are meant to clear my sinuses. What's more, partial proceeds from its sales support The Body Shop's Building Bio-Bridges Programme and their conservation efforts.

Thera Wise VpR Bio-Active Vaporizing Rub

I was first introduced to Vancouver-based Thera Wise and their all-natural versions of popular over-the-counter creams and ointments in 2015. (Check out this interview with founder Warren Brander if you want to learn more!) Fast-forward two years and the Thera Wise VpR Natural Bio-Active Vaporizing Rub is still my preferred vapor rub when I have a cold. Unlike Vick's, it doesn't use petrolatum and it won't stain your sheets, plus the natural eucalyptus and peppermint oils in the formula smell so good. Usually I rub a little under my nose and over my throat and chest to breathe a little easier. Recently I also discovered that if you apply this on the soles of your feet and put socks on, it can stop even the most stubborn cough for up to 4 hours without resorting to knockout meds. Amazing!

Saje Immune aromatherapy roll-on

Like the Thera Wise vaporizing rub, Saje Immune Germ & Virus Fighting Remedy is a respiratory godsend. I swipe it across my forehead, on my temples, down the sides of my nose and over my sinuses, under my jaw, and over my throat and chest. The blend of natural essential oils features peppermint, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and tee tree oil among others, and it smells so good that I always get complimented when I wear it. Even if I'm not sick, during fall and winter I like to roll on Immune before braving public transit or while I'm at work. Open office spaces and buses are hotbeds for germs!

Other reliable remedies I always turn to: chicken noodle soup from The Stock Market in the Granville Island Public Market (it tastes like homemade but better and is seriously a cure in every drop); NeoCitran or Buckley's Nighttime to knock me out if coughing and congestion are keeping me up at night; soothing lotion- or aloe-infused tissues; and re-watching my favourite romantic and teen comedies on Netflix (queue up Mean Girls, Clueless, and anything John Hughes).

What do you do when you're sick?


  1. Yes to Cold 911 tea! I also love Laneige lip sleeping mask for helping with lip dehydration, although it isn't as natural as your pick from the Body Shop :)

    Hope you're feeling better!

    1. Ooh yes. I've seen the lip sleeping mask but haven't tried it.

      Thanks, much better. Hope you're better too! (P.S. Japan looked fun!)


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