Today's Outfit: The Alchemical Ingredient

In cooking, I like to think of lemons as an alchemical ingredient, a magical fruit that somehow makes every dish it's used in taste a lot better. Cut up and stuffed into a roast chicken, sliced thinly and placed on baked salmon, used in lemon-flavoured desserts...the possibilities are endless when it comes to enhancing the flavour of whatever dish you're making and turning the dish into something magical.

The respect that I hold for the versatility of lemons is the same as the esteem in which I hold scarves. I admit, I was never a big fan of spring and summer scarves until recently. Most of mine were voluminous and/or woolly, more suited for the winter. Then I began acquiring silk and vintage scarves, lightweight but colourful affairs. They transform even the most boring lazy Monday outfit into something worth a second glance. Without the filmy purple paisley scarf, what I'm wearing would just be another jeans-and-tee look, nothing spectacular (although I do like the miniature round studs going down the front of the tee in diagonal lines).
  • Scarf (Winners)
  • Tee (Kenneth Cole via Winners)
  • Jeans (Mavi)
  • Flats (Yosi Samra)
  • Shoe clips (Aldo)
  • Pearl studs (Claire's)
Are you a fan of scarves? Do you have other "alchemical ingredient" accessories you swear by because they're versatile and can change the look of an outfit completely?


  1. Silk scarves are a staple for me! They brighten up a drab outfit and camouflage seriously bad hair days.

    And I add lemons or limes to pretty much everything.

    Great choices!

  2. I completely agree on both counts. HM made lasagna on Saturday and the lemon zest MADE it. And scarves are absolutely magical critters. Love the pattern on yours!

  3. I definitely agree! Scarves can be outfit savers (and wallet savers). When Cath and I lived in Spain, we bought a bunch of the colorful scarves from street vendors for about a Euro and wore them forever. Love your scarf look, Lisa!

  4. I've only come into scarves in the last wee while and I often do forget to add them to my outfit but when I do, it totally changes the look. I have yet to spend a lot of money on one though...

  5. Love your lemon analogy! I love scarves too but I am having trouble making the silk ones wrap around neatly. Any advice or maybe you can do a video demo? Really like the one you're wearing.

    Lol ok I'll remember to put a NSFW warning next time for HDH

  6. I too love scarves, so much so that I definitely plan to expand the business into designing silk scarves... of course, once I've got a handle on the handbags, that is. Yes, I'm currently trying to launch my own line of corporate handbags, briefcases, executive attaches, etc., bags for executive women.

    In cooking, my "alchemical ingredient" is ginger. =P

  7. I love paisley scarves! Another great one Lisa!

  8. I love the spice your scarf adds to the outfit! Scarves don't work too well with my face shape, but I absolutely adore them wrapped around my head.

  9. Lemons, Green Onions, Lemon Zest, Red Miso Paste and Soy Sauce makes everything taste just a bit better

    I am not a fan of scarves except in winter.. I just feel strange with one on without long sleeves & snow around me :P

  10. I see that you love scarves, but I'd like your outfit much better without it. But that is just me.

  11. I love scarves, esp ones with unique prints and designs but sadly I don't seem to wear them as much as I'd like to. I love the colour of your scarf, it's so striking!


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