Today's Outfit: Navy & Nautical

  • Striped cami (Zara)
  • Blue oxford shirt (Aritzia)
  • Jeans (Banana Republic)
  • Sandals (Pour La Victoire)
  • Necklace (Spring Shoes)
  • Belt (from a CiCi dress)
Nautical-inspired looks come and go every year, so it seems a bit silly to call them a "trend." Although the appeal of sailor stripes has endured fashion's seasonal whims, I don't think I've ever seen them as trendy as they are this season. Breton stripes are a ubiquitous sight downtown; every other girl that I see is in a striped top. I can certainly see the appeal of stripes because they add visual interest to any outfit. They're classic and stylish and you feel like you tried to put together a cute outfit, but you're not so far out of your sartorial comfort zone that you feel awkward. I know this outfit wouldn't have been quite as satisfactory if I'd used a solid-coloured cami for layering.

Are you a fan of stripes? How have you been wearing them this season?


  1. This season.. I don't think so.. Maybe 2 or 3 times.
    I was a fan of stripes years ago.. Now I still thinking that it's great to wear them sometimes. It's a classical!

    - Laura

  2. I love stripes! I always have and always will. I like them bold and unexpected, and styled in unusual ways.

  3. Lisa, I LOVE this! The dark necklace against the pale shirt? Perfection!

  4. Lovely summer layers, darling L!
    And look at your tiny little waist ~ gorgeous!


  5. I'm always a fan of stripes both horizontal and vertical, slim and wide - any time of the year. Stripes are classic!

    Your sandals are very cute.

  6. I'm a HUGE fan of stripes. Black or navy stripes are classic and definitely not trends. I'm still on the search for a perfect, loose-fitting black and white stripe shirt.
    Love the way you styled your outfit.

  7. the cute sandallllllsssss....
    and the stripes is never die..

  8. I like stripes, but I don't do nautical. I kinda hate nautical themes in pretty much everything -- decor, outfits, etc. I also am not a fan of navy somehow.

    But your outfit is still cute! I'd probably just do it in different colours if I were wearing it :P

  9. i like this look! very cute^__^ thanks for sharing.


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