Introducing Green Sapphire

If you're looking to invest heavy coin in the statement necklace trend this season, look no further than Green Sapphire eco jewelry. At $140-170 apiece, they are definitely a splurge. But consider the drama that this strand of oversized beads can add to simple minimalist ensembles, neutral-coloured outfits, a little black dress or a camel-coloured wool sheath. They're the perfect length to be paired with anything.

And then there's the fact these necklaces are handmade by renowned Brazilian artist/designer Patricia Moura from sustainable eclectic materials such as acai berry seeds, fiber, semiprecious stones, coconut, wood, mother-of-pearl, seashells, abalone, ceramics, and bamboo. The seeds themselves are non-germinating and harvested from the Amazon by indigenous tribes. By using them in her designs, Moura hopes to encourage the cultivation and preservation acai trees in the rainforest and prevent the destructive logging that makes way for cattle farming. These necklaces are versatile, original, high-quality designs that support a plethora of social and environmental causes. I'd say that's money well spent.

Green Sapphire eco jewelry by Patricia Moura is available in Vancouver at body politic, Jeweliette, and Tenth & Proper.


  1. So beautiful! Thanks for bringing that jewelry line to my attention!

    Melissa :)

  2. These are really nice and chunky :)

  3. That top necklace is hot... I love a great statement necklace.

  4. I'm inspired by this elegant dramatic jewelry. They display a sign of excellence.



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