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Greetings, lovely readers! Sorry for the unexpected hiatus last week; I needed a break so I could focus on work and other priorities. Now that I'm back though, it's time for a long overdue edition of my Most Coveted List.

This edition is going to consist mostly of things for, in, and around the home. Ever since temperatures have dropped, I've gone into nesting mode. After all, few things beat that super cozy feeling one gets from staying indoors when the weather is dreary. To make my nest extra cozy, I've been shopping for holiday decor, vintage-inspired glassware, and scented candles in the hopes of making this house (well, condo) feel more like a home. Here are five home finds I am loving or lusting after right now--some unattainable, some budget-friendly.

1. Armchairs with legs like the Aquarius Allure armchair (pictured left) and the Pipeline Series chair by Jeff Messerschmidt ($1,200; available from Kelly Wearstler). Lately the boy and I have been on the lookout for an armchair for our living area: something that's padded and comfy but still sleek and streamlined, something that has a minimal footprint in our open concept space. Either of these beauties would fit in beautifully. (The only downside is that one of these chairs costs more than a mortgage payment, but one can dream.)

2. Glass butter dish (available at The Cross Decor & Design and Crate & Barrel). Sometimes the simplest things can make a house a home. Such is the case with the humble glass butter dish. I didn't know how much we needed one until the boy remarked on it as he was folding the greasy, crumpled wrapper around the remainder of our butter for the umpteenth time. This version has a solid heft to it, a simple and timeless design, and is big enough for a full block of butter.

3. Illume extra long matches ($5; available at Chapters). These 4.5" long matches make it possible to light that last inch of a scented glass-ensconced votive candle without scorching my fingers. Genius. Why didn't other match manufacturers think of this sooner?

4. Homecooked meals. Comfort food like roast chicken and baby potatoes (served with spring mix salad and pineapple for a simple yet sumptuous-feeling Sunday dinner) reigns supreme this time of the year. I've been making roast chicken every two weeks or so and saving the bones for stock.

5. TWG Red of Africa tea ($30.50 at Urban Tea Merchant or Dean & Deluca). On particularly cold nights, I like to cozy up on my couch with a soft throw, a good movie, and a cup of caffeine-free tea. My recent favourite is this Red of Africa tea which I received in a gift bag during Fashion's Night Out Vancouver. Described as "a dessert in itself," the loose leaves produce a steaming, fragrant cup of tea with the heady aromas of vanilla and sweet spices. It's dessert without the sugar and the guilt.

Your turn! What are your essentials for making your home extra cozy this winter?

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  1. I like how you covet home-cooked meals :)

    As the weather gets colder, I'm enjoying the use of more flannel - not just pajamas, but flannel bedsheets!


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