Dior Addict(ed) to Matching Lips & Nails

Matchy-matchy lips and nails in Dior Addict gloss's 'Be Iconic' campaign

Lately, the idea of going matchy-matchy with my lip and nail colours has been growing on me. What a refreshing break from OTT nail art! What a delightful nod to retro beauty looks! This attitude adjustment is largely thanks to a very special delivery from Dior, which included the new Dior Vernis 'Sparkling Shine' nail lacquers and their corresponding Dior Addict glosses. My favourite colour among the bunch? 'Diablotine', a bold neon red with lots of sparkle.

This was my first experience with Dior's beauty products, and overall I was very pleased with the formulas and luxe packaging.

  • Dior Addict gloss in 'Diablotine' leaves a sheer, shiny red tint on my lips--a nice alternative to matte lipsticks for summer. (If I want to intensify the colour though, I can layer the gloss on top of Dior Addict 'Diablotine' lipstick.) The formula feels more like a thick balm than a sticky gloss (yay!), and it boasts high shine, moisturizing benefits, and hyaluronic acid (a plumping agent that minimizes fine lines). Other pluses: the gloss's scent is sweet but subtle; the applicator is a brush, not a sponge tip; and of course, that signature Dior packaging!
  • Dior Vernis nail lacquer is super-pigmented. One coat of 'Diablotine' is enough to give my nails the same coverage as a cream polish and a smooth, shiny finish, although two coats are more chip-resistant. Just as Dior Addict gloss is a nice break from matte lip colours, the sparkles in Dior Vernis 'Diablotine' are a fun departure from creamy polishes. The wide, dense brush earns points for ease of application.
  • Dior Gel Coat reminds me a lot of my Holy Grail top coat, Deborah Lippmann 'Addicted to Speed'. Both provide high shine and dry completely within 10 minutes. No risk of dents or crease marks post-mani.

Of course, it goes without saying that a girl can mix and match these Dior Addict products to her heart's content for custom looks. But coordinating lip and nail colours is so much easier when the shades for gloss, lipstick, and nail polish are perfect matches. Now tell me: Would you ever go matchy-matchy?


  1. Gah, Diablotine will be mine! Everyone is taunting me! ;)


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