Luxe or Less: Soft Blushes

By "soft blushes," I don't just mean a whipped mousse softness, although both of the blushes featured here would qualify. I mean that the blush feels spongy and bounces back to the touch when you press it with your fingertips. The tactile novelty definitely makes getting ready in the mornings more interesting.

On the luxe side, we have Diorblush Cheek Creme ($30 at The Bay). The highly pigmented formula—available in four shades ranging from fuchsia 'Paréo' to peachy-pink 'Capri'—blends smoothly, lasts all day, and has a subtle floral scent. A little Diorblush goes a long way and it's easy to over-apply, so it's best to put this on in a brightly lit space.

And on the more wallet-friendly side, we have Maybelline's aptly named Dream Bouncy Blush ($9.99 at London Drugs), which I first spotted while attending the London Drugs beauty preview last week. Same bounce, but a little lighter in the colour pigment department. I love how touchably soft it looks in this photo, all baby pink and round-edged fonts. It looks like a blush you'd want to hug.

From bouncy blushes and fancy palettes to a blush you stamp on your face like a Bingo marker, I've come a long way from only depending on NARS 'Orgasm' for a healthy glow. Are you tempted to try a new blush?


  1. No, I don't totally understand the appeal of designer makeup. It's not that I would want a logo on my cheek, but the companies also don't "sell" the product based on how it adds beauty, etc. So it's the name without leather, great fabric stitching or even logo; so what is the appeal?

    Ahh, I'm a clothing, etc., girl - not a huge makeup gal.

    I still love my Covergirl and Maybelline stuff, thanks!

    BTW, Nars Orgasm! Haha, awesome and telling for some natural beauty boost.

    1. Hmm I can see your point, but the prestige/luxury beauty products I happen to like aren't just because of the name. Sometimes it's about better ingredients and formulas (more effective skincare, better colour pigments, more comfortable to wear). Other times, it's about the experience of using the product: if the packaging is pretty or luxurious and I'm going to feel a little thrill every time I use it, I'm buying that lipstick or compact!

      That said, I'm all for drugstore products that deliver value and performance!


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