Product Review: LUSH Let the Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser

LUSH Let the Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser

Add this one to the list of gentle facial cleansers that err on the gentle side. LUSH Let the Good Times Roll facial cleanser ($12.95-28.95) was introduced as a holiday limited edition, but was so popular that it became part of the regular roster. It's easy to see why: the maize flour and cornmeal-based scrub smells like a sweet, corn-based dessert confection that's good enough to eat, and provides gentle, natural exfoliation to boot.

The instructions say to pinch off a pea-sized amount and combine with water, but I've been using twice that with damp hands and damp skin so that the cleanser forms a thicker paste. If you wear makeup, I also advise using cleansing oil and eye makeup remover beforehand and following up with a toner afterward. Like I said, Let the Good Times Roll errs on the gentle side in spite of its exfoliating action, and it won't do everything by itself.

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