TRiM Holiday Hair Tutorial #1: The Easy Braided Updo

Christmas seems to come earlier every year, and with it the pressure to find the perfect present, throw the perfect party, and look darn near perfect at all the soirées to which one is invited. To make getting ready for your next glam fete easier, I enlisted the help of stylist and owner Sarah Stach from TRiM Hair Salon, and my gorgeous friend Paula, to show us how to get polished, party-ready hair in a hurry. This deceptively elaborate updo takes about 20 minutes and is novice-friendly to boot.

Ready to learn how? Here we go!

Step 1: Start with second-day (i.e. unwashed) hair. Spritz and brush dry shampoo like Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair throughout locks to absorb excess oil and create texture. Then spritz a gritty but touchable hairspray like Aveda Air Control throughout. This step is especially important if, like Paula, you have healthy and slippery strands, as it allows hair to hold styles better.

Step 2: Now it's time to set hair for more hold and grip. Divide hair into four sections: the crown, two side sections, and a back section. Wrap each section around a curling iron, winding in a direction away from the face. For very healthy locks like Paula's, hold for a couple extra seconds to make sure the curl has staying power.

Step 3: Brush out and loosen curls so you have a head of soft, voluminous waves.

Step 4: Divide and wind curls into four loose sections around your head. Braid each section and secure the end of the braid with a small, clear elastic.

Step 5: Grab one of the outside braids, pull it across the back of your head, and pin it into place with the ends tucked under the braided portion. (You may have to twist or play with the braid a bit to find an angle that doesn't make your hair puff up unnaturally.)

Step 6: Pin the other braids in place across the back of your head, making sure they overlap and the ends aren't showing. Sarah's tip for making sure your braid placement is just right? Hold the braid in place, and then snap a pic of the back of your head with your smartphone before you pin.

Step 7: Pull out some loose bangs around the face for a soft, pretty finish.

Next week I'll show you a more advanced but still achievable braided updo. But in the meantime, is this a look you'd try?

Many thanks to Sarah, TRiM, and Paula for collaborating on these hair tutorials!

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