Latest Outfit: Wintry Blues

A cobalt blue cocoon coat brightens up a black-and-white colour-blocked sweater dress and navy rain boots.
J. Crew coat | Tibi sweater dress | Forever 21 leggings | Joules wellies | Coach city bag

Although some (most?) style bloggers seem intent on accumulating as many clothes and accessories as possible, for the past few years I've been trying to shop smarter and buy less. The result—a streamlined wardrobe of things I love to wear—makes getting ready in the mornings a breeze, but it also makes for repetitive outfits. The coat, the bag, and the rain boots have all been on heavy rotation this winter. And even though this black-and-white colour-blocked sweater dress is only making its blog debut now, trust me when I say it's one of my go-to pieces on weekdays.

Having worn my favourite winter pieces to death, I'm now looking forward to spring more than ever. Goodbye, slushy snow and woolen layers, and hello to tulips and lightweight trenches!

Cobalt blue coat and umbrella, black-and-white colourblocked sweater dress
Cobalt blue cocoon coat and umbrella, wellies with bows
Cobalt blue cocoon coat and umbrella


  1. When I first started my blog, I thought I had to buy all kinds of stuff to "show off" and I'll tell you .. most of that "stuff" ended up in the donation pile. So I agree with you .. I'm looking at what I have and how I can make it all work. Then I can buy that unusual piece and play with it.

    I stopped by to actually see your bright blue umbrella .. what a great color! I always buy black .. lol.


    1. Monica, I love the candor of your comment—thank you! That seems to be the learning arc that many style bloggers experience as their blogs evolve.

      Re. the umbrella: The boy and I bought it at Target after a freak windstorm destroyed our go-to red one. The fact that it complements this coat so well is a happy coincidence lol.

  2. This coat! I remember seeing it on you last and thought it was striking and wonderful.
    I really hope those sporadic rays of sun would come back to stay, I'm so ready.

  3. What a beautiful outfit Lisa. I'm so smitten with J.Crew coats, and I couldn't agree more... shopping smarter is SO the way to go! I've really tried to cut down on what I buy as well, and focus on what I love. Is does make getting dressed a breeze, doesn't it?! Happiest weekend, girl! xoxo

    1. I've been very impressed with all my J. Crew outerwear pieces so far, for sure! Hope you had a great weekend too, Veronika.


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