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Fresh co-founder Lev Glazman

Fresh has been a makeup bag staple since their Sugar Cherry Lip Treatment entered my life last summer, and re-ignited my love of their indulgent lip colour/balm hybrids. So you can imagine what a treat it was to meet co-founder Lev Glazman back in January on his first ever trip to Vancouver, and find out more about Fresh's roots and its expanding array of skincare products.

To understand how groundbreaking Fresh was in its marriage of old traditions and ingredients with new technologies, one must rewind to 1991, when the beauty industry was dominated by synthetics. Forget organic and natural alternatives; using sugar, honey, and tea in products was practically unheard of.

However, these old-school ingredients were the stuff of Glazman's childhood in the former Soviet Union. The women in his family created skincare remedies in their kitchens and purchased French fragrance at a formidable markup from the black market. Their staunch love of beauty has left a lasting impression on Glazman, who, even today, opines beauty is the most affordable, accessible luxury. To understand beauty is to understand a ritual, a lifestyle.

Glazman, along with fellow founder Alina Roytberg, started small in 1991 with a collection of fancy soaps. Today, the line also encompasses skin, body, and hair care, as well as men's grooming and fragrance. As always, Fresh's mission remains the same: to provide products that deliver clinically proven results using the best of traditional and modern ingredients, all while giving the user a delightful sensory experience.

Let's take a closer look at some of Fresh's offerings, shall we?

Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask, Age-Delay Cream, Age-Delay Serum, Age-Delay Instant Infusion, and Age-Delay Eye Concentrate

The Fresh Black Tea collection is inspired by the black tea mixed with honey, echinacea, and raspberries that Glazman's grandmother used to make him when he was sick, and by his obsession with kombucha. Initial research showed that black tea has higher polyphenol and tannin (a natural anti-septic) levels than green tea, but it still took 4 years of further work and clinical trials to achieve the perfect anti-aging formula. The Black Tea products boast a veritable cocktail of potent anti-oxidants—black tea extract and ferment, blackberry extract, noni fruit juice, lychee seed extract—proven to protect, soothe, and improve hydration, tone, and texture. (Oh, and FYI, Glazman and his daughters are addicted to the Age-Delay Eye Concentrate.)

Fresh Honey, Rose Face, and Sugar Face Masks

Lush textures and invigorating scents make the Fresh masks a pleasure to use for the line's devotees. If you follow freshbeauty on Instagram, you may have noticed their #SundaySkincare series—a wonderful reminder to slow down and indulge in the ritual of skincare once a week.

Fresh Life eau de parfum and candle

The Fresh Life eau de parfum and candle are inspired by "the freshness of a clear blue sky, sweet morning air, a sparkling sun, and velvety water."

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Radiance Lotion, Face Cream, and Lotus Eye Gel

While the Black Tea collection targets anti-aging concerns in more mature skin, the Lotus collection boosts hydration and radiance and is suitable for all ages. Each product has a cool-to-the-touch, quick-absorbing texture that feels downright luxurious.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments

The cult fave Lip Treatments need no introduction. My favourite remains Cherry, which is the perfect pop of sheer red on days when matte lipstick seems like too much.

As a parting gift, I received a sigh-worthy treasure trove of Fresh products to test at home. Look out for my impressions of various products in the following weeks!


  1. those products look pretty nice. it's be a nice little shopping splurge :) and ahh the weather is still so horrible here lol i wish i was back in vancouver

    1. Not to sound like a smug Vancouverite or anything, but we're in the midst of cherry blossom season now lol.

  2. Great writeup, Lisa! Very cool you got to meet the co-founder! I love Fresh. It's one of the select lines I buy at Sephora. I've got a few of the lip treatments but I think I'll def have to try the Cherry one soon!


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