Dior Beauty Fall 2014

Dior 5 Couleurs eyeshadow palettes fall 2014

I know we're still in the dog days of summer, but there are already fall launches on my desk that I'm dying to tell you about, stat! First up: Dior's fall 2014 beauty collection. This season's offerings are inspired by the famed couturier's favourite colours—red, grey, pink, black, and blue—and are the basis of the newly relaunched 5 Couleurs eyeshadow palettes, as well as the complementary lip and nail shades. Get ready for a photo-heavy look after the jump!

Dior 5 Couleurs eyeshadow palettes fall 2014

The 5 Couleurs palettes ($61) have been around since 1987 when Dior added a fifth shade to the centre of their 4 Ombres-Dior palette (originally launched 1976). This fall's revamped 5 Couleurs features a slimmer case and new shades, textures, and effects.

Dior 5 Couleurs Rose Tutu

But the most noticeable change has got to be these applicators. The broad swabs have a soft angled brush and a narrow swab on the ends, making blending and lining a breeze when you're on the go. No need to tote around extra beauty tools!

Dior 5 Couleurs Trafalgar

The centre hue in 5 Couleurs 'Trafalgar' was inspired by Dior's trick of sending scarlet creations down the runway to shake up a sleepy audience. Complementary shades of pink, platinum, brown, and gold round out the palette. And in case you're worried about trying to squeeze all 5 colours into a single eye look, here's a pro tip: These palettes are designed so that you use the top 2 shades and the centre shade to create a nicely contoured daytime look, while the bottom 2 shades and the centre shade will give you more drama for evening.

Dior 5 Couleurs Tutu

The pinks and lilacs in 5 Couleurs 'Tutu' present many, many mix-and-match opportunities, yes? That's the brilliance of these palettes: you can use the "rule of 3" as a starting point, but the rest is up to you.

Dior 5 Couleurs Carré Bleu

Most products in this post are available at Dior counters now, but you'll have to wait a little longer if you want to get your hands on the blue-tinged 5 Couleurs 'Carré Bleu'.

And what should one wear to go with the new 5 Couleurs palettes? Why, perfectly coordinated lips and tips, naturally. These Rouge Dior lipsticks ($36) and Dior Vernis nail lacquers ($26) are enough to set any beauty lover's heart aflutter.

Rouge Dior and Dior Vernis Massaï

'Massaï' is a classic blue-based red.

Rouge Dior and Dior Vernis Rose Tutu

'Rose Tutu': A soft petal pink that lives up to its delicate name.

Rouge Dior Carré d'Or and Dior Vernis Carré Bleu

I love how the complementary lipstick lightens things up for contrast in this combo. Rouge Dior 'Carré d'Or' (a warm peachy-gold beige) and Dior Vernis 'Carré Bleu' (a lovely creamy navy).

Rouge Dior and Dior Vernis Pied-de-Poule and Bar

More contrast with light tips/dark lips and vice versa. Rouge Dior lipstick in 'Pied-de-Poule' is a vampy burgundy, while the Dior Vernis nail lacquer of the same name is a soft grey. Dior Vernis 'Bar' is a deep black to go with the grey/lilac-tinged pink lipstick of the same name.

Rouge Dior and Dior Vernis Pied-de-Poule
Dior Vernis fall 2014

I don't know about you, but these 5 shades together say #completenailwardrobe for me. I'd be perfectly content to only wear these colours throughout fall/winter.

Dior Vernis fall 2014

My favourites among the lipsticks: vampy burgundy, classic red, and petal pink.

Rouge Dior fall 2014

What are you faves in Dior's new fall collection?


  1. I love Dior shadows, well pretty much anything Dior, really! ;) And yes, love the lighter lipstick with that darker/smokey palette. Totally fab and perf for fall. Hope you're having a fabulous week!! xoxo

    1. You should try their nail polish, especially the Dior Gel Top Coat. I turned my coworker on to it and calls it the best nail polish investment ever. It gives a shiny, dent-free finish to any mani and makes cheaper lacquers last longer.

  2. OMG. All is beautiful ! I love Dior's products !


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