Bridal Style: Wedding Planning Update

The boy and I just came back from a weekend getaway to Seattle where we danced with touring mambo pros from Southern California (including a couple of world champions!), ate plenty of great Mexican food, and wandered around hipper-than-thou Ballard. (If you go to Seattle all the time and have never ventured out of the downtown core/Pike Place Market/outlet shopping trifecta, do yourself a favour and explore this hidden gem.) All of this is a fancy way of saying we had no time to shoot outfit photos, which is why I'm doing a Bridal Style post today. The wedding planning took a backseat to the whirlwind holiday season, but now that it's out of the way, we're slowly getting back into the swing of things. Here's a glimpse via Instagram.

Our meeting and venue walkthrough with Chambar on a beautiful sunny day last fall made us more excited than ever about deciding to hold the wedding there, including a ceremony on their rooftop patio with this view.

Dress shopping at David's Bridal with friends last fall. I didn't expect to find The One during my first bridal appointment, but I did! Fourth dress I tried on.

Finding a photographer whose aesthetic we admired and whose prices fit our budget wasn't easy. In the end we went with Stephen K. Lee; his detail-rich photos and documentary-style shooting won us over, and best of all, we loved how all his subjects looked genuinely joyful like they were having the time of their lives.

Emailing the save-the-dates to our guest list was a huge load off our minds. Now we're just waiting for the replies with the mailing addresses to roll in.

Some brides use binders, others use fancy notebooks. Because I work in an agile software development environment and use those project management methodologies on a daily basis, I stick notes on the walls. At some point there was even talk of making a burndown chart. Joking...sort of.

One of my bridesmaids (hi, cwangdom!) crossed the border on Saturday and tried on dresses at three different stores for almost six hours while I texted real-time photos to the ones who couldn't be there. They had these shirts and props at J. Crew bridal and I couldn't resist a photo op.

Our next stop after J. Crew was Nordstrom, where a Vera Wang trunk show was in progress. These dresses are even more stunning in person.

Dreamy wedding decor at BHLDN, where we had much better luck with bridesmaid and reception dresses.

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  1. Did you (and by you I mean your bridesmaid!) try on bridesmaid dresses at JCrew? If so what did you think of them? I ask because my friend is getting married in Calgary with bridesmaids in Vancouver and Calgary and she's trying to find a store that we can all easily order from.

    1. The dresses look good in IRL and the fabrics are nice. Some are plainer than others and require more accessorizing. My faves were:

      The J. Crew in University Village in Seattle has had bridal samples for the last couple years (my bridesmaid actually had a bridal appointment there when she was first engaged) so we went there to try on bridesmaid dresses. But starting February 2015 they're clearing out bridal from other locations and only have the samples to try on in New York. We literally squeaked in with our appointment on the last day!


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