Lazy Girl Approved: Cargo Blush

Cargo Blush

I love playing with the latest beauty booty, but deep down I'm a low-maintenance girl who appreciates products that are long-lasting, easy to use, effective, and time-saving. If you've got the same minimalist, fuss-free mindset I do, the blog's new series of Lazy Girl Approved quick reviews is for you! First up: Cargo blush ($26 at London Drugs).

What it is: By all appearances, Cargo Blush is a typical powder blush.

Packaging-wise: The no-nonsense, oversize tin makes it easy for the fluffiest and densest of powder brushes to pick up product, and is sturdy and sleek enough to travel well.

Formula-wise: Pigmented, silky, and long-lasting. A little goes a long way, and a single application lasts me from morning 'til night (and even through barre class!).

Lazy girls will like it because: Cargo Blush is so long-lasting it doesn't require any re-application throughout the day. Plus, when applied with a light touch, it creates the perfect skin-brightening flush for a no-makeup makeup look.

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