My In-Flight Essentials

As you read this, I'm already en route to Washington, DC, and Virginia on a much-needed, much-anticipated vacation with the boy! The free flights we booked through Aeroplan points somewhat make up for the terrible exchange rate—but they also mean long stop-overs and awkward hours in economy class. To make coach feel a little more luxe, I'm stashing these items in my carry-on to keep my skin happy and hydrated, and my spirits up.

1. Sheet masks. Affordable, convenient, and portable, these THEFACESHOP sheet masks are a no-brainer travel beauty treatment. Rub the used sheet mask over your neck and chest so the skin there gets the benefits of the serum too.

2. Facial spray. High hyaluronic acid content makes Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence ($73 at BeautyMark) the ideal mid-flight skin-refreshing spritz, and the all-natural floral scent is light enough not to annoy fellow passengers. (The Hydrating Floral Essence happens to be a travel essential for Tata Harper herself too!)

3. Aromatherapy. Travel through airport terminals and on long flights can mean stress and insomnia. I've been using Tata Harper Aromatic Stress Treatment ($78 at BeautyMark) and Aromatic Bedtime Treatment ($67 at BeautyMark) to great effect at home; let's see how they hold up on the road.

4. Lip balm. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in 'Tulip' ($26) delivers hydration, a hit of face-brightening fuchsia, and SPF 15.

5. My freshly charged iPad Mini, pre-loaded with books and magazines. Sooo much easier and lighter than carrying paper copies of everything. My summer 2015 reading list is already on it and ready to go.

6. Hand lotion. I'm a fan of Crabtree & Evelyn Avocado, Olive & Basil Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy ($6.99 for 2 minis at London Drugs).

7. Creature comforts. Glasses, for when contacts become unbearably dry in the plane cabin's recirculated air; ear plugs, to drown out white noise; a sleep mask, for extra privacy and darkness; headphones, for in-flight movies.

I also like flying with a couple of other things not shown here: sanitizing wipes, to sterilize my hands and any surfaces, buttons, and knobs I might touch once seated; an oversize scarf, to use as a blanket if I get chilly or want to sleep; socks, to keep my feet cozy; and a big tote to carry it all (Longchamp is my fave).

I'll be taking a break from the blog while I'm away, but you can follow my adventures on Instagram. See you when I return!


  1. Great list! Do you really use face masks on the plane? Hope you're enjoying your time there!

    1. Hehe yeah. I have no shame re. looking foolish.

  2. Amazing list! I am a traveler and I always take advices from internet before going on any trip. I loved your list. Thanks for sharing.


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