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#everydaymadewell casual outfit

You know how some style experts say most people wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time? Lately, I feel like that 20% is made up exclusively of Madewell. This is not a sponsored post at all, but rather a testament to how much I love the brand for its wear-all-the-time cardigans, classic-with-a-twist tees, well-fitting jeans, versatile ankle boots...the list goes on.

I first started shopping there when the boy and I began dating six years ago, and except for a tank top with an itchy neckline and a silk dress that shrank infinitesimally every time I handwashed it, all my purchases have held up remarkably well and become wardrobe workhorses. I'm a lot more low-key these days, and nine times out of ten if I have only five minutes to get dressed in the morning, I reach for something Madewell because it's so bloody easy. Minimal ironing and next to no drycleaning required, and everything goes with everything else in my wardrobe. Of course, it doesn't hurt that most days my routine—working in IT, relaxed after-work plans, going to and from Bar Method classes—allows for casual clothes.

This outfit is an updated version of the cardigan/tee/jeans uniform what I used to wear in university, but the details make it feel fresh and more adult: the looser, longer fit of the cardi and tee; skinny jeans instead of bootcut ones; suede ankle boots and Chanel instead of sneakers and a backpack; plummy lips and nails instead of bare ones. And there's that bladedrop necklace, a gold lariat style which I can't seem to stop layering over every top ever since I bought it in Georgetown, DC. Yep, my name is Lisa, and I have a Madewell problem.

Purple lips and berry tips
Madewell denim, suede ankle boots and Chanel
#everyday madewell casual outfit

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