Product Review: Simply Scrub Organic Coffee Body Scrub

Simply Scrub Organic Coffee Body Scrub

The warmer weather in spring means a chance to shed the heavy wool and denim layers of winter, and if you've been neglecting your exfoliation (ahem, guilty), that can be a frightening prospect. Enter Simply Scrub, a new-to-me Philadelphia-based company that specializes in different types of organic body scrubs. No suspect ingredients or funny plastic microbeads to be found here: just sea salt, brown sugar, natural ingredients, and lots of nourishing oils.

Simply Scrub Organic Coffee Body Scrub packaging

The Simply Scrub Organic Coffee Body Scrub ($13 for the jar size) smells as invigorating as my daily cup of morning java. The last all-natural body scrub I tested boasted spa-strength exfoliation and a high concentration of very fine granules that really stick to the skin, so it was an adjustment getting used to Simply Scrub's medium-sized granules of lower concentration. I had to scoop more product out of the jar to exfoliate at the same level. Once I was used to it though, the texture was delightful. And check out the ingredients list: Coffee beans, coconut oil, Dead Sea mineral salt, tea tree oil, brown sugar, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, vitamin E oil, shea butter, honeycomb. Nothing that would look out of place in your kitchen pantry.

Simply Scrub Organic Coffee Body Scrub product texture granules close-up

The scrub's granules rinsed away cleanly while the lightest, non-greasy touch of oil lingered to nourish skin. The only bummer about using Simply Scrub Organic Coffee Body Scrub is that it does leave a mess in the shower. (Afterward, my bathtub looked as though someone had emptied potting soil all over it.) But it's worth it for the ultra-soft, smooth results. Because I'd been slacking on exfoliation in favour of quick showers before I picked up my Simply Scrub, I definitely noticed a difference in my skin's texture that lasted for days. Organic ingredients, effective exfoliation, an affordable price tag: this product is a win on all fronts.

Simply Scrub Organic Coffee Body Scrub

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