Perfect Pedi: Bliss Achilles' Heel Spa-Powered Heel Smoother

Bliss Achilles' Heel Spa-Powered Heel Smoother

Whether you're looking to save money or you simply find the ritual relaxing, if you're into DIY pedicures you should definitely consider adding the Bliss Achilles' Heel Spa-Powered Heel Smoother ($49 at Sephora) to your routine. This newly launched beauty tool replicates salon-worthy results in the comfort and privacy of home. What's more, it's oddly satisfying to use and makes the most tedious part of the pedi process much easier. (Adios, pumice stones and elbow grease!)

Bliss Achilles' Heel—which is about the size of a large apple and designed to sit ergonomically in your hand—requires 4 AA batteries (included) and has two different speed settings. A detachable blue cap keeps everything tidy when the tool's not in use.

Bliss Achilles' Heel Spa-Powered Heel Smoother

Its magic primarily lies in the metal exfoliating disc, which has tiny diamond-shaped teeth and round blade cutouts. The disc is rough to the touch, and when Bliss Achilles' Heel is whirring at full speed, it can sound somewhat intimidating; however, the blade feels surprisingly gentle as it shaves off rough, dead, callused skin. I tried to keep the tool moving in circular motions over heels and along the sides and soles of my feet as I went, not pressing too hard in any particular area and avoiding the tops of my feet where skin was much softer.

Your best results will come if you soak your tootsies for 10-15 minutes beforehand, but I've found that it's also very effective for a heel-and-sole touch-up before slipping on a favourite pair of summer sandals. Unlike pumice stones and foot files that are left to molder in the shower, this tool will probably prove a more sanitary option in the long run. (Make sure you use this over the bath tub though as the skin shavings can get a little messy.)

The Bliss Achilles' Heel Spa-Powered Heel Smoother has an intimidating-looking exfoliating disc, but this battery-powered beauty tool feels gentle as it effectively shaves rough, dead, callused skin off the soles of your feet.

The exfoliation is followed by a buffing step (and there's an extra buffing disc in the package when the first one wears out).

The buffing disc/step follows the exfoliation disc/step with the Bliss Achilles' Heel Spa-Powered Heel Smoother.

My one gripe with the tool is that although the blue cap keeps whichever disc is locked and loaded clean, the other one just sits outside, messy and at risk of getting lost. I wish the blue cap were big enough to stash both discs safely or there was additional space in the battery compartment for the extra disc.

But overall, that's a small complaint about a terrific and effective product. The Bliss Achilles' Heel package also includes a trial-size tube of Bliss Foot Patrol cream (full size $19), which exfoliates with AHA and softens, soothes, and refreshes with aloe leaf and peppermint—the perfect finishing touch to the at-home spa experience.

Bliss Achilles' Heel Spa-Powered Heel Smoother

How do you achieve the perfect at-home pedi?

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  1. do you know how this compares to the amope or the costco version (can't recall the name). Im wondering which would be the better investment.

    1. I don't as I haven't tried the Amope or Costco versions unfortunately.


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