Lazy Girl Approved: NeoStrata Detoxifying Micellar Gel

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When micellar water first came out, Lazy Girls everywhere were probably going "WHAT?? A way to wash my face without actually washing my face?!? What is this molecular marvel!?" Fast forward several seasons and micellar water has proven it's more than capable of cleansing and removing makeup, sans water, in a single step. The latest spin on the trend? NeoStrata Detoxifying Micellar Gel ($22 at London Drugs).

What it is: A gel-based twist on micellar water.

Packaging-wise: The clear 200 ml pump bottle contains plenty of product and shows off the micellar gel's cool texture.

Formula-wise: Cool to the touch and smelling faintly of cinnamon, NeoStrata Micellar Gel gently but effectively dissolves makeup, oil, and impurities. A little goes a long way: I find 3 pea-sized dots more than enough to cleanse my face, followed by another 3 for my neck. Although the bottle says it's a no-rinse formula, the gel does leave an annoying film behind, so I like to follow up with liberal spritzes of thermal spring water and tissue off.

For sensitive types, the formula is non-comedegenic, opthamologist-tested, and non-irritating, and it's free of alcohol and soap. Also, bonus points for being paraben-free.

Lazy girls will like it because: Who hasn't fallen asleep with makeup on at one time or another because she was too tired to wash her face? Keep NeoStrata Detoxifying Micellar Gel on your nightstand along with a stash of cotton pads. Or better yet, do what I do and gather up the micellar gel and cotton pads (along with a thermal spring water, tissues, creams, serums, and oils) on the coffee table and do a full-on nighttime routine, all while watching Netflix. Cleansing your face and getting your skincare on without leaving the comfort of your couch; how's that for the ultimate Lazy Girl life hack?


  1. Nowadays I don't mind my (lengthy) cleansing routine but my teenage self would have loved this.

    1. I can see that—I go through phases of enjoying my cleansing routine and really wanting to get it over with personally.


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