Lazy Girl Approved: Conair Infiniti Pro The Ultimate Brush

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Conair Infiniti Pro The Ultimate Brush

There are girls in this world who willingly wake up an hour early just to wash their hair, then painstakingly dry and style it into pin-straight submission or perfectly tousled waves. Alas, I am not one of them, which means I often roll into work with not-so-artful bedhead-y frizz, a sad ponytail, or a topknot if my hair is long enough for it. If you're anything like me, you'll love the Conair Infiniti Pro The Ultimate Brush ($39.99 at London Drugs) as much as I do.

Conair Infiniti Pro The Ultimate Brush

What it is: A battery-operated, anti-frizz brush that releases ions into hair to remove frizz and static, smooth the hair cuticle, and deliver shine.

Packaging-wise: The Infiniti Pro comes with two AAA batteries, so you can use it right away.

Performance-wise: This brush did everything it claimed to on my thick Asian locks; my hair was noticeably smoother and shinier even when it was freshly washed. Don't expect it to radically transform texture—it won't make wavy hair straighter or vice versa, and it won't get rid of stubborn cowlicks or kinks—but it will visibly reduce all-over frizz and fuzziness for a more groomed yet natural-looking style.

Conair Infiniti Pro The Ultimate Brush

Lazy girls will like it because: There's no need to bust out the curling or straightening irons or multiple styling products to achieve polished results; using the Infiniti Pro is as easy as as the flick of a button and a couple of brushstrokes. I usually do a rough dry at the roots with my blowdryer, let the damp ends air-dry, and run the brush through to eliminate frizziness later—totally cuts down on blowdrying time. It's a great quick hair fix on rushed mornings or after a workout (the fact that it's cordless and battery-powered makes it perfect for throwing in the gym bag). What's more, it's probably better for your hair because it lessens your dependence on heat styling. Green beauty lovers will also like it because it reduces the need for preservative- and chemical-laden styling products. Win!

Conair Infiniti Pro The Ultimate Brush


  1. Wow! This looks like a really cool gadget to have! I feel like it's a must-have! Sounds like the perfect tool to have for soon-to-be moms like myself! I'll have to check this out! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Agreed! It's great for busy moms too.

      Congrats on your soon-to-arrive little bundle of joy, Joanne! So exciting.

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