Product Review: Veriphy Skincare

Veriphy Self-Absorbed Facial Moisturizer, Power Trip Facial Serum, and 20/20 Eye Cream

Having more natural beauty options is never a bad thing, especially when these options come in the form of a new Canadian luxury skincare line. Just before the holiday season, I had the privilege of previewing recently launched Veriphy Skincare and I've been testing their products on and off for the last few weeks. Here's what you need to know!

The scoop on Veriphy

As we age, our skin's ability to naturally produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid diminishes, which results in loss of firmness and moisture. Veriphy Skincare's hero ingredient, PhytoSpherix, is a form of phytoglycogen extracted from plants that's been clinically proven to help skin cells store energy for the production of these substances. In other words, this is a skincare line designed to help your skin's ability to renew itself.

Sounds impressive but also a little far-reaching, right? Well, I would be skeptical too except for the fact that Veriphy is led by a team of Canadian women in STEM with a focus on scientifically proven results and ingredients, and the PhytoSpherix research that went into developing the line occurred right here in Canada (University of Guelph, specifically). Veriphy's formulas are also notable for being 98%+ natural and cruelty-free and for their use of active skincare ingredients. Then there's the list of what's not in the formulas: no sulphates, parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, fragrance or silicones to be found here.

So far I've been focusing on what's in the bottles, but can we talk about that packaging for a second? The gold caps and recyclable teal green glass bottles with plastic pump tops remind me of Tata Harper, while the artwork on the boxes and the cursive logo add whimsy and fun. Let's take a closer look at the 3 products currently in the line.

Veriphy Eye Cream

Veriphy 20/20 Eye Cream ($82)

Veriphy's eye cream combines the renewing properties of phytoglycogen with peptides (to reduce the appearance of wrinkles), niacinamide (to brighten the under-eye area), and cucumber (to soothe, refresh, and de-puff). The ingredients that make up the top half of the list are a slew of humectants and emollients like glycerin and plant-based oils. This fragrance-free eye cream feels soothing on first contact and doesn't sting at all, and the lightweight, non-greasy cream spreads easily and absorbs quickly with a few taps of my ring fingers. A little product goes a long way; I can extend a sunflower-seed-sized amount all the way up to the brow bone and into the under-eye area. I haven't noticed any life-changing benefits with regards to wrinkles or de-puffing or dark circles, but it hydrates effectively all day, and again, I like how it doesn't sting. Can't emphasize that enough as a contacts wearer with sensitive eyes.

Veriphy Power Trip Facial Serum

Veriphy Power Trip Facial Serum ($105)

As a serum, Veriphy Power Trip Facial Serum is more of an exfoliating formula than a restorative one. Along with phytoglycogen, this lightweight, quick-absorbing gel features lactic acid (an AHA that exfoliates and encourages skin cell turnover), as well as arnica and calendula extracts to calm redness. Power Trip is a surprisingly powerful exfoliant considering the product packaging doesn't specify a concentration, but not as powerful as a chemical peel. While testing, I had to stop using more potent once- or twice-weekly exfoliating treatments because my skin was becoming red and sensitive; instead I relied on Power Trip and Pixi Glow Tonic to pack all the exfoliating power. The fact that this serum exfoliates more than nourishes is probably why it's not my thing, honestly. I prefer using a dedicated, more potent chemical exfoliant 1-2 times a week, and then using serums as an opportunity to nourish and replenish.

Veriphy Self-Absorbed Facial Moisturizer

Veriphy Self Absorbed Facial Moisturizer ($85)

Self Absorbed's hero ingredients include: phytoglycogen; hyaluronic acid (a humectant that draws water into the upper layers of skin for a firmer appearance); green tea, algae and licorice root extracts (nourishing antioxidants that help brighten); and avocado oil (soothing, moisturizing, rich in omega-6 fatty acids). The fragrance-free cream is lightweight, quick-absorbing and non-greasy with a light velvety finish. It would layer well under makeup for daytime, although you'd need an SPF as the formula doesn't boast any sun protection. For nighttime use—especially during the harsh winter months—it left me a little wanting and I'd find myself layering a thin veil of a moisturizing overnight mask on top.

Veriphy Self-Absorbed Facial Moisturizer, Power Trip Facial Serum, and 20/20 Eye Cream textures

Final takeaway

Veriphy Skincare fulfills a very specific niche for skincare lovers. It's 98%+ natural and cruelty-free, careful to avoid controversial ingredients while featuring science-forward ones. At the same time, it's a luxury line that skews minimalist. The three products together have lightweight textures that complement each other well and deliver exactly what skin needs, nothing more. Throw in a makeup remover, cleanser, and SPF of your choice and you're set. If you're a skincare minimalist who's looking to make the plunge into green beauty this year and you don't want to be replacing or buying tons of products, Veriphy Skincare might be the way to go.


  1. I just started using the eye cream last month and for some reason I feel like I've actually developed dark circles after using this. I didn't used to have dark circles, but my undereye area is darker now. It does feel super hydrated and smooth though. That being said, I hate the pump. One pump is the same amount I need for my entire face, so I actually twist it open and then dab it on my finger using the stick thingy, and then it's the right amount. I have the serum and moisturizer on my counter as my backup for when my daytime moisturizer runs out, it should be.... any day now.

    1. Interesting. I don't have super dark under-eye circles so I couldn't see much of a difference on me. You're right about the eye cream's dispenser pump dispensing too much though. I only ever pressed it down 3/4 of the way to get the amount that was right for me.

  2. The Rotes-Weinlaub-Creme by Bio Allgäu is perfect for giving my tired legs a revitalizing boost.


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