Product Review: Milk Shake Leave In Conditioner

Milkshake Leave-In Conditioner

My summer thus far has been work, barre and lazy weekends on repeat, which kind of shows in the beauty reviews I'm planning for this month; all of August's product picks are low-key and fit into an athleisure-y niche. First up? Milk Shake Leave In Conditioner, which costs a little less than $20 a pop.

Milk Shake Leave In Conditioner boasts milk proteins that purportedly strengthen hair, while fruit and honey extracts revitalize and add shine. It smells great (a sweet, slightly fruity scent that's supposed to invoke milk candy but can also read a little coconut-y) and is a pleasure to use, especially in the summer when lightweight gel textures, mists and sprays dominate my beauty routine.

As a wash-and-wear girl who spends next to no time styling (and relies on leave-in conditioner or styling creme post-shower to add smoothness), I find that Milk Shake Leave In Conditioner is better for lightweight detangling than heavy-duty frizz-taming. I spritz this liberally on the ends of my hair post-shower, and while my hair dries soft and shiny and healthy it also poufs up every time without fail. I need a creamier heavier texture to weigh down strands, and this product doesn't quite cut it. What's more, because it's so liquid-y and lightweight, it takes a lot of spritzes for me to notice any sort of effect. That explains why the bottle is more than half empty after just a couple months of use.

Final verdict? If you have fine hair that tangles easily, Milk Shake Leave In Conditioner might be exactly what you need. I can see how convenient this would be, especially after swimming or a day at the beach or a post-workout shower, and in combination with a detangling Wet Brush, but this product probably isn't for you if your hair type is similar to mine.

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  1. Too bad! It sounds so promising with milk and honey in the ingredients.

    1. Yeah :( On the flip side, someone with fine hair would probably love it.

  2. It is good conditioner, I use it

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