Drugstore Delight: Nivea Pure & Natural Body Milk

Nivea Pure & Natural Body Milk

One of the quickest, most dramatic changes you can make towards a more natural beauty routine is switching to a natural body lotion. The skin covering your body amounts to a larger surface area than your face, and unlike something that can be rinsed away like soap, body lotion absorbs and stays. Since I decided to green up my beauty routine I've really enjoyed the natural body lotions and body butters I've tested, and there are a handful of affordable and effective options I keep returning to. (Rocky Mountain Soap Company, I'm looking at you.) But I don't love the fact that I have to go out of my way to specialty stores or websites when I run out, often paying $15-30 for what amounts to very little product volume-wise. It sometimes makes me nostalgic for more innocent days when I waltzed into any drugstore and picked up the biggest pump bottle of whatever was on sale and smelled good.

I was in this exact situation—all out of natural body lotion, haunting the drugstore aisles looking for something paraben-free and as natural as possible—when I stumbled upon Nivea Pure & Natural Body Milk ($11.49 on sale for $8.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart). The specs on the bottle are impressive. 95% of the ingredients are naturally sourced, including organic jojoba and argan oils, and it features Nivea's special Deep Care Serum which promises to deliver 48 hours of hydration. Talk about being an ideal option for dry, winter-ravaged skin. And lest you think that all the front-of-bottle messaging is green-washing, I looked up all of the ingredients individually. Nothing ranks higher than a 1 in EWG's Skin Deep database aside from phenoxyethanol and fragrance.

Performance-wise, Nivea Pure & Natural Body Milk delivers on the Classic Drugstore Body Lotion Experience. Affordable giant pump bottle? Check. Quick-absorbing, lightweight body lotion with a clean, fresh scent? Check. The fact that it actually lives up to its claims of long-lasting hydration, has impressive natural beauty credentials, and is readily available has me believing that maybe dreams do come true in 2020.

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