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Garnier Bio Skincare

With the economic turmoil happening right now and non-essential businesses being closed, drugstore beauty products have really come to the fore. I've always loved a good Drugstore Delight, but going forward (at least for the next little while) I'll focus on even more of them. After all, they're relatively affordable, easy to purchase at your local grocery or pharmacy, and they're a great way of adding a few moments of self-care and normalcy to stressful days. First up? The natural Garnier Bio skincare range, which just launched earlier this year. Garnier kindly sent me a box of samples a couple of months ago, so I'd already incorporated the products into my routine for long-term testing before the lockdown began.

The scoop on Garnier Bio

  • For a drugstore brand making its foray into natural beauty, Garnier Bio has some pretty impressive green credentials. Products are certified organic by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS standard.
  • The formulas are paraben-free and vegan. Products are supposed to be suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.
  • Where possible, ingredients are sourced from renewable, fair-trade sources.
  • Notable hero ingredients across multiple products include lavandin, shea butter, argan oil, and vitamin E. I also spotted jojoba seed oil, aloe, camelina sativa seed oil, and sunflower seed oil on ingredient lists. Overall, there were more actives and ingredients that have some sort of benefit for skin, as opposed to silicones and fillers.
  • The packaging is at least partially made of recycled material and is recyclable.

Something else I appreciated about how this PR mailer was handled was that I took a survey about my skin type and preferences beforehand; that way, every product I received was handpicked for me and nothing would go to waste. What's more, everything in the package was made of recyclable or sustainable materials. I wish more PR packages were like this.

So, shall we get to the product-by-product breakdown?

Garnier Bio Organic Cornflower Micellar Water

Garnier Bio Organic Cornflower Micellar Water ($12.99 at London Drugs)

Barley stems, organic cornflower, and coconut are just some of the hero ingredients in this micellar water. It doesn't have as much of a "slip and glide" texture as other micellar waters I've tried, although it removes stubborn sunscreen and makeup just fine.

Garnier Bio Organic Argan Multi-Use Rescue Balm

Garnier Bio Organic Argan Multi-Use Rescue Balm ($24.99 at London Drugs)

Multi-Use Rescue Balm is an ultra-emollient, quick-absorbing cream that can be used anywhere: face, body, or hands. In normal times, I'd be touting this compact 50 ml tube of cream as a great all-in-one travel product, or as a versatile all-over moisturizer I can keep in my gym bag. However, in pandemic times, I've been using it on dry hands (all that hand-washing!) and smoothing it on my feet before bed. It works wonders on parched cuticles and roughened heels.

Garnier Bio Organic Lavandin Anti-Age Eye Care

Garnier Bio Organic Lavandin Anti-Age Eye Care ($24.99 at London Drugs)

I've bought my share of expensive natural eye creams in the past, and I'm happy to report that this one performs just as well as any of them. It does everything I require of an eye cream: it keeps the delicate eye area moisturized all day long, it doesn't sting sensitive eyes or trigger puffiness, and it gives me a bright-eyed, well-rested look. All that at $24.99!

Garnier Bio Organic Lavandin Smooth & Glow Facial Oil

Garnier Bio Organic Lavandin Smooth & Glow Facial Oil ($24.99 at London Drugs)

Like the other Garnier Bio products in this post, the organic lavandin in the facial oil gives it a calming aromatherapeutic boost. I love using it in the evenings, inhaling deeply as I press this facial oil into my face and neck. Texture-wise, it doesn't have as much slip as other facial oils I've tried. I need more product than usual if I'm using it with a gua sha tool (about 8-12 drops depending on how dry my skin feels).

Garnier Bio Organic Lavandin Anti-Age Day Care

Garnier Bio Organic Lavandin Anti-Age Day Care ($24.99 at London Drugs)

This daytime moisturizer boasts a gorgeous lavandin scent and a rich, quick-absorbing texture; it feels like a facial moisturizer that should be much more expensive than it is. The hydrating benefits last all day (I apply more or less depending on how dry my skin feels) and it layers well under sunscreen.

My final take?

All of the Garnier Bio products I tried feel more luxe than one would expect from a drugstore brand doing green beauty. The scents in most cases are 100% natural, striking the same delicate spa-inspired note as something from a pricier niche label. The textures of all the moisturizing products are gorgeous too—quick-absorbing and silky with no heavy silicones or fillers. While I loved everything I tested, if I had to pick out products I'd repurchase, I'd go with the eye cream and the daytime moisturizer.

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