Drugstore Delight: Weleda Skin Food Body Butter

Weleda Skin Food Body Butter

Beauty blogging tends to focus on the new and the buzzworthy. Weleda isn't new (they've been around since 1921), but their longevity, their status as a natural beauty pioneer, and their upcoming 100th anniversary should be buzzworthy. My friend Anya swears by Weleda Skin Food as a winter staple, which was what inspired me to pick up Weleda Skin Food Body Butter (approx. $22, available at London Drugs) when my last body moisturizer ran out.

This stuff is so good it makes me wonder why I've been sleeping on it all these years. It's dense and rich and does an incredible job of keeping my skin soft. A small dab warmed up goes a long way, stretching and gliding over skin like a silk stocking. Cocoa seed and shea butters, glycerin, natural extracts, and other skin-loving ingredients give the formula its denseness and whipped texture, as well as its pale green hue and distinctive scent (almost like an orange creamsicle but not quite). It's such a sensory delight that I always look forward to applying this after a shower. Weleda Skin Food may not be new or buzzy, but it's tried-and-true, affordable, natural, and available wherever Weleda is sold, making it a true Drugstore Delight.


  1. I just got on the Weleda train this year as well and it is so rich. I like the light better for hands as it is easier to rub into the skin. I haven't tried the body butter. Looks lovely.

    1. That's a great tip! This is my first Skin Food anything. Currently I'm using L'Occitane and Thymes hand creams.

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