Privacy Policy

Information Collected

Like many websites, Solo Lisa collects basic demographic information about site visitors. This information is aggregated and intended to help me better understand and serve site visitors. This information is not personally identifiable, sold to third parties, or used to contact individuals.

Aggregate statistics about web visitors may be made available to third parties or potential advertisers upon request, but nothing that personally identifies a visitor is made available except with the visitor's explicit permission.

Contests and Promotions

Contests and promotions require entrants to provide some sort of contact information such as a blog, email address, or Twitter handle. This information is intended solely as a means of contact should the entrant win. By entering the contest or promotion, site visitors implicitly agree that they would like to receive communications in the context of the contest or promotion. Solo Lisa does not collect this contact information, sell it to third parties, or use it to contact individuals outside of the contest or promotion. However, because this information is provided in an open medium, there is no way to stop third parties from also accessing this information. Solo Lisa holds no liability in the latter situation.


Advertisers may use cookies, scripts, and/or links that track user sessions. Information collected in such a manner is intended to help advertisers understand site visitors and display relevant ads. It is not intended to be used in a harmful or invasive way. Third-party advertisers assume all the risks and liabilities associated with their respective cookies, scripts, and/or links.

Privacy policies vary across advertisers; please check their websites for more information. If you are uncomfortable with having information collected about your user session, use your browser settings to disable cookies and trackers. To opt out, refer to your respective browser's documentation for more information about this topic, or click this link.

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