A Swiftly Tilting Planet

I don't know what prompted me to remember that book...it's been ages since I've read anything by Madeleine l'Engle. Nonetheless the title of her masterwork perfectly describes how my world has turned upside-down in the last few weeks, so much so that I'm in no mood to blog about fashion and pop culture at the moment. For one thing (in case you couldn't tell from the sappy poem and quotes I posted in my last couple of entries), my boyfriend of over a year and a half and I broke up; the long-distance thing was getting to be a bit too much. Granted, break-ups still suck no matter how logical the basis for them so I've been pretty down lately. I started a new job by returning to a software company I'd previously worked at for eight months. As of yet this job is temporary and will last about five months. Oh, and on top of everything else, I just graduated from university. So yeah...a lot of changes in the air.

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