Quoted: Francesca Lia Block

This quote comes from one of my favourite short stories of all time, "Safe Love" by Francesca Lia Block, and I dedicate it to whoever spent this Valentine's Day reveling in their singleton status and having a good time like I did.

When he is gone I think that I may cry. But I don't. There is the strangest feeling of calm. I know Eloise will be home in the morning with vegan blueberry muffins and a cantaloupe. She will say, "Sabrina, your love must not depend on sad-eyed boys. You can be in love with sunflower dresses and vegan lasagna and Rice Krispies Treats and rain and skateboarding and Martha Graham and angel fountains. Then the sad-eyed boys will come. Eventually their fear will fade and they will come."

Eloise is in love with Botticelli, but she is also in love with everything. Her mother left her and her father and now he lives alone. Smoking and smoking, writing stories about what happened to him in the concentration camps. He weeps every night, Eloise tells me. But his daughter was born laughing with her hands open, outstretched to the world. Eloise just falls in love with everything again and again.

LIFE IS THE BIG ROMANCE, it says on Eloise Opiate's mirror.

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