Today's Outfit: Lazy Summer Sundays

This post's title is kind of a misnomer because I got a lot of cleaning done last Sunday afternoon! However, some much anticipated play time came after work as I met lovely Twitterer erin_gee for Mexican food and margaritas that evening.

I was trying to go for relaxed, fuss-free summer dressing with this outfit: minimal accessories and the smallest purse possible, hair clipped back, halter top and skirt. In short, comfortable but not too dressed down. I wore a pair of canvas platform heels that I save for sit-down occasions instead of casual sandals, though. I'm sure we all have a pair or two of "sit-down shoes" in our collections; am I right, ladies?

  • White halter top (from Mexico)
  • Denim skirt (from Chinatown)
  • Shoes (Payless)
  • Earrings (Claire's)
  • Ring (H&M)
  • Wristlet (Coach)
P.S. If you look carefully at my nails, you'll see that I'm wearing the OPI coral-hued Modern Girl polish that I bought at Wink Beauty Lounge.


  1. You look fantastic! And I think most of my shoes are "sit-down" shoes. My feet are so wimpy!

  2. More pairs of sit-down shoes than is truly acceptable. ;)

    You look just gorgeous, L.

  3. Perfect outfit. And I agree with Najeema on having mostly sit-down shoes.

  4. thanks for the shout out lisa! =) this must've been before you re-did your nails, yes?

  5. I love how your clutch and your nails match :)

  6. I love that outfit ! It works really well on you.

  7. Erin, yes it was. Right after I did my outfit shots I decided I was bored with my polish and changed it to the pearly white colour lol.

  8. Really like this casual look. The shoes are adorable! I think over-accessorizing can look a bit too much, especially in summer, so this look is perfect.

  9. Gorgeous look, darling L! Loving those sandals ~ great find!


  10. You do look absolutely gorgeous and easy, breezy.
    I would guess that half of my shoes are made for sitting down only ;)

  11. you look so cute!love your shoes

  12. love that ensemble & great blog! btw come visit


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