Luxe Or Less: Chanel Flat Sandals

Admittedly, they are not the most exciting sandals on the planet: a flat sole, simple black straps, a white camellia or two as embellishment. But long after gladiators and cut-out booties become passé, these Chanel flat sandals will still look chic and timeless for many a summer. Think of how lovely they would look paired with a white ensemble for a garden party, or with a sun dress and oversized sunglasses for a day of window shopping.

If you crave the look but can't afford Chanel, there are more affordable alternatives out there. I found 2 on the Nordstrom website.

Poetic License 'Mint Julip' sandal ($89.95)

Diba 'Very Hot' sandal ($49.95)


  1. I love the flower detail.

  2. Super cute sandals and honestly, Anything by Chanel will be timeless and classic. It will be worth it!


  3. Nice finds, L!
    And I miss tights too :)


  4. great shoes and nice picture.thanks for share.i'll wait you on my blog.thanks

  5. Cute luxe for less picks! Haha is it odd that I actually like the window design in the background better than the actual Chanel sandal?

  6. ahh, those Chanel sandals are just right - not too fussy, just classic.

  7. those are such excellent options! there's something so clean and elegant about a simple white leather sandal.

  8. they are all cute. those chanels are to die for though.

  9. Man that is gorgeous... Somehow I've not really been a big fan of sandals because so many people in Singapore always wear flipflops around and I've tried my best not to look sloppy like that so I think I've subconsciously shied away from sandals... these are really awesome and are just so lovely with dresses!


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