Luxe Or Less Gift Guide: Luscious Lashes

Item: Luscious lashes
Good for: Mascara addicts and adventurous beauty junkies
Why lashes: For myself and many other girls, mascara is a daily beauty essential. I appreciate how it defines my lashes, widens my eyes, and makes me look awake and alert--and as weird as this sounds, looking awake actually makes me feel more energetic in the morning. A mental boost and a jolt of confidence--not bad for something "artificial" and "cosmetic."

Go luxe: A gift certificate for Noir Lash Lounge, one of the premiere lash extension destinations in Vancouver, will guarantee the mascara addict in your life a set of long, fluttery lashes for weeks on end. If the recipient is no stranger to lash extensions, she'll definitely appreciate your gift on her next visit to Noir.

Spend less: The Sephora Brand Lash Stretcher mascara ($16) is the only mascara from my Lash Stash sampler that I'm truly crazy about so far. The formula contains fibres intended to build up your lashes while the brush defines, lengthens, and curls without ever clumping. The medium-sized curved brush also helps me reach every last lash without getting any mascara on my eyelid. Best of all, the formula stays put and relatively smudge-free but washes off easily with warm water and facial cleanser.


  1. I am actually thinking of giving a friend a gift certificate for a lash extension service. If not, then I might go for a really nifty masscara + several pairs of false eyelashes. LOL.
    - Kaith

  2. Hmmm....I thought about going to Noir before my wedding, but I might just stick with one of your fab mascara recommendations instead!

  3. that sounds great!

    i've been thinking about trying extensions for fun!

  4. I'm secretly hoping for a gift card for Noir, I love that place! :)

  5. great review on that sephora mascara. will have to check it out. getting my lashes done on sunday. so excited!

  6. I wanted to get lashes too but I've heard that the aestheticians at Noir aren't certified. I go to Wink Beauty Lounge instead! The girls there are certified and make my eyes look gorgeous!

  7. Thanks for the fab post Lisa!! And no our staff aren't esthiticians, but that's because they're all certified makeup artists. Estheticians are great at facials and massages, but when you wanna get your pretty on, a makeup artist has the proper technique and eye for detail that we seek in our staff. Not to mention impressive hand-eye coordination! We work closely with Blanche MacDonald's career center as well who have been great supporters as most of our staff are Blanche graduates!


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