Luxe Or Less Gift Guide: Makeup Palettes

Item: Makeup palettes
Good for: Beauty product junkies, makeup newbies
Why makeup palettes: Guys are often astonished to learn that even "no makeup, looks completely natural" girls wear makeup (surprise!). I myself used to go bare-faced and fare just fine, but in the last couple of years I started applying concealer, mascara, and blush before I leave the house. It makes a huge difference in making me look refreshed and energetic when I'm feeling less than stellar!

Makeup palettes are easy to tote for on-the-go touch-ups or travel. Beauty product junkies will appreciate having new colours and products to try, while makeup newbies will love a palette for providing them with some necessary basics all in one place. Everyone has their own preferences, but I look for the following characteristics in my perfect palette:

  • Small and sleek so I can put it into a handbag or makeup case
  • Flattering colours that can be blended or used on their own
  • Hues suitable for daytime or nighttime looks
  • Eye, lip, and cheek colours
For makeup newbies, I highly recommend buying a set of brushes to complement the palette as well. I swear by the Ecotools bamboo handle makeup brushes--decent quality, affordable, and available at most drugstores.

Go luxe: I'm salivating over the NARS Wild At Heart Anniversary Palette ($75). The eyeshadows can be used to create a soft neutral look for day or a smokey eye at night, and the lip colours are varied and blendable. To top it all off, this palette also includes two of NARS's legendary products, The Multiple (available here in South Beach, a shimmery apricot hue) and Orgasm blush. The compact itself is smooth, sleek, and sturdy enough to withstand being toted everywhere, while the mirror inside makes touch-ups a breeze.

Spend less: The Sephora Brand Makeup Palette To Go ($15) would make a great affordable stocking stuffer. This palette is available in cool and warm tones and features a solid selection of neutral shades that can be layered or worn on their own.


  1. Great gift-giving ideas for the girly girls. I have certain younger cousins who would absolutely adore these! Maybe this year, they're getting the Sephora one...LOL!

  2. I thought of this too! My sisters and aunts would love to get make up palettes as they go to school and work everyday. I hope that I can find cheap yet good ones here. If not, online shopping is the way to go!
    - Kaith

  3. I used to love makeup palettes, but since I've found my go-to products, I haven't needed them anymore. Definitely a great gift idea though. I also love your cufflink choices in your last post!

  4. I actually just bought a sephora palette for a couple of my friends. They're always handy! Now... maybe I need to buy one for me too ;)

  5. I love palettes! Although it'd be hard not to keep them for myself haha

  6. That Sephora palette is amazing ~ I can't believe it's only $15!


  7. oh my. I'm pretty sure that NARS palette is what dreams are made of.

  8. I'm in the same boat as you and have begun to regularly apply simple makeup before I head out the door -and it's made all the difference!

  9. wish we have Sephora in México, but noooo, we don´t have anything here.

    I remember spending a lot of time in Sephora Champs-Élysées and also the one in time square, aaaaah those were the days :D


  10. I'm impressed with the Sephora palette - just curious, did you look at any of the MAC palettes this year?

  11. i love giving palettes as a gift - usually the colours are easy to use and it's fun to get so many different ones in one gift.

    Nars is my go-to makeup brand so i'd be thrilled to get a palette like this,

  12. Fur Elisse, no, I haven't had a chance to check out the MAC products. Did you see any good palettes there?


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