Product Review: Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion

I confess I've always been a bit cheap when it comes to body lotion. As long as the product keeps my skin soft, doesn't smell too strong, and costs under $10, I'll use it. When the folks at Skin MD Natural emailed me about their innovative Skin MD Nautral Shielding Lotion, I became intrigued. Formulated with botanicals and natural ingredients, this lotion claims to work differently from conventional lotions by locking moisture in while keeping irritants out. Its proprietary formula is 6 times as moisturizing as glycerin to relieve even the driest skin. This non-greasy lotion promises to absorb quickly without clogging pores, which means it's safe to use on the face. Lofty claims indeed, but did this lotion live up to them all?

I requested a free bottle of Skin MD to review and used it for several weeks after receiving it. I'm split down the middle as to whether I like this product, to be honest. The lotion wasn't obnoxiously scented but didn't smell medicinal like some unscented moisturizers, which was good. It also had a silky texture and absorbed quite quickly. Because it was so light and non-oily, I didn't hesitate to test it on my face, and I'm pleased to report that it lives up to its claims of being non-comodegenic on the face. This product would make an excellent all-purpose moisturizer for those times when you're travelling and don't want to tote around a huge bottle of body lotion and a separate face moisturizer.

So, why can't I give Skin MD a wholeheartedly positive endorsement? While it was a perfectly adequate and effective moisturizer, I didn't find that it was more effective than the less expensive body lotions I'm used to buying from the drugstore. The bottle is also quite small given the price tag: $18 for 120 ml, plus another $9.95 for shipping and handling. The product description online claims that one bottle is a 1-2 month supply, but I imagine that it would only last 3-4 weeks max. If you have extremely sensitive or dry skin and haven't been able to find the right product, Skin MD might be a godsend for you. For me, it was a good product but not one that would be worth purchasing.


  1. yeah, that's a bit too expensive for me, too. i've been using lubriderm for yrs and it's still my fave.

  2. Thanks for the info., darling L!


  3. It IS pricey. I really liked how non greasy it was though!

  4. Great review!! I think I will stick with the cheaper drug store brands too, especially since I use a lot of lotion in the colder weather.


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