My LashDip Experience at Noir Lash Lounge

Ever wish you could wake up with pretty lashes sans mascara? The hot new treatment LashDip promises just that. Described as “the modern woman’s answer to mascara,” LashDip uses a 100% hypoallergenic, blacker-than-black gel substance to coat each individual lash and sculpt it into place. It won’t damage your natural lashes, and its toxin and preservative-free formula is gentle enough for contact lens wearers. When dried, LashDip can last up to 6 weeks. The result: weeks on end of beautiful curled lashes without smudges, clumps, flakes or fussing.

Featured in the May 2011 issue of Vogue, LashDip is available at a small but growing list of US salons; in Canada, it’s only available at 3 places. Luckily for Vancouverites though, 2 of those 3 places happen to be Noir Lash Lounge’s Yaletown and South Granville locations. (Noir’s owner Joyce Poon is the only one certified to do LashDip in all of western Canada.)

Noir Lash Lounge owner Joyce Poon

Last Saturday, I visited Noir for my very own LashDip experience. (First timers, take note: Don’t wear mascara or any sort of eye makeup to your appointment. And if you wear hard contacts, bring a case and some solution so you can take them out.) After getting settled in, Joyce applied soothing gel pads to my undereye area and instructed me to keep my eyes closed at all times. She set to work curling my lashes with a heated curler. She then applied 4 or 5 coats of LashDip, drying each coat with cold air. You can do as many as 6 coats, she explained, but it depends on whether your lashes can handle that many without being weighed down. Lastly, a waterproof sealant was applied.

The entire process took about an hour. At the end of it, my lashes looked amazing. They had lift, curl and length and I was more doe-eyed than ever.

Joyce sent me on my way with a sheet of care instructions, oil-free eye makeup remover and a box of pointed cotton swabs. “No crying for the first 24 hours,” I scoffed as I read the instructions. “You seriously have to tell people that?” “Oh you’d be surprised,” she said. “Girls call me all the time the day after their appointments, telling me they got into fights with their boyfriends and ruined their lashes.”

Ironically, I ended up committing that exact no-no 10 hours later when I got into an argument with the boy and teared up. The next day, my lashes had straightened slightly, and the spectacular lift and curl gave way to a more natural look. They looked like my lashes normally did after I curled them and applied mascara. According to online reviews and Joyce, the spectacular effect should’ve stayed for at least 2.5 weeks if I hadn’t cried. But even if you commit a LashDip faux pas like I did, the worst case scenario is that you have a natural, pretty look and fuss-free mascara’d lashes for days on end. It makes my minimal morning makeup routine go even faster, that’s for sure.

At $125 for upper lashes, $45 for lower lashes, and $45 for a refresh appointment 2-3 weeks down the line, LashDip is definitely a splurge. Get it if:

  • You have an upcoming vacation and you don’t want swimming or sweating to ruin your makeup.
  • You don’t like fussing with mascara.
  • You’ve tried lash extensions or false eyelashes and you don’t like how they feel.
  • You want something that’ll work for your lower lashes.

On the other hand, you should skip it if:

  • You’re looking for the drama and wow factor that extensions or falsies give you.
  • You’re a bride who’s considering LashDip as an alternative to extensions. Extensions are more dramatic and tend to photograph better.

Thanks to Noir Lash Lounge for the chance to try this cutting edge beauty treatment! For more information or to book your own LashDip appointment, visit Noir’s website.


  1. wow, that is pretty interesting, I did not know, I have so many friends who want pretty lashes without the I will def. recommend!
    great blog! I'm from Vancouver too
    come visit my blog :)

    visit beautiechips!!

  2. I want to try this.. but for that price and the fact that I'd get addicted to the look.. I'd rather not even try. LOL!

    Still .. it'd be great for an event or something

  3. That is too ironic! Maybe it's a sign from the Lash Goddess? Scoff at the care sheet and I shall smite thee??

    It's OK FB - that's why we offer our extensions starting at $35. There's something for everyone.

  4. Bah, that sucks that you happened to cry the first day! Let me know how you find the treatment in the next few weeks. I had a great Noir LL experience, but my poor lashes fell out in clumps when I got the extensions. If the lash dip isn't as damaging to lashes I will for sure invest in that! PS the lashes look gorgeous on you :D

  5. i am wondering if perhaps simply a black lash tint might be easier, less hassle...??? did joyce tell you if you have to keep them up or can you just leave them be and they just disappear on their own?
    they look very pretty, i'm contemplating either doing a lashdip or just getting them tinted. hmmm, decisions decisions!

  6. Anonymous, you can just leave them and the LashDip will go away on its own because your lashes grow out or fall out as part of their natural cycle.

    A lash tint just colours your lashes; it doesn't hold the curl in place like LashDip does (or will do if you don't cry!). Also, from what I've read, eyelash tinting gone wrong can cause temporary blindness or severe stinging and allergic reactions. LashDip is a much gentler hypoallergenic solution. So far my lashes haven't fallen out and I haven't had any allergic reaction.

  7. Never heard of LashDip... Have you heard of LVL Lash Lift Treatment system? I'm curious about it, and wonder if you know of anywhere in North America that does it.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  8. I love lash extensions from Noir but they don't last very long unfortunately. Somehow the lashes find their way onto the table or onto whatever I'm doing. It's also hard to wash my face - which helps to wake me up in the morning. Lashdip sounds neat and I also heard about Cry Baby (?) at Wink Beauty. Must try these things out!

  9. I think the best way to think about lash tinting is to ask yourself: would you dye and perm your hair on the same day? The answer is a loud NO and that's because dying/tinting is harmful to your lashes and leaves them brittle and weak. Of course, you could use vegetable dyes, but those only last a week. Hope this helps!

  10. How awesome. My interest was definitely peeked when I read the article in Vogue. I'm not sure if any place does them in Atlanta yet.

    Sorry to hear about the fight with your guy - fights always come at the most inconvenient times!

  11. Great review! I've been curious about Lash Dip and may try it once the price goes down a bit, hehe!

    I'm new to your blog and so happy I found it.

  12. K.C. Nelson does it in Atlanta. I believe she's in the Buckhead area and she's lovely, to boot! Check on

    I'm a Chicago-based makeup artist that is certified in LashDip, but am not currently providing the service due to my schedule. When it's done well, it's amazing!

  13. it sounds great. the only thing i would be worried about is not touching my lashes while washing - hard to do if you use eyeliner.

    i had my blonde eyelashes tinted black a month ago and they are still dark. the place i did it used a vegetable dye so it is totally safe and can't cause any eye problems (i'm a contact lens wearer). like i said, my lashes are almost WHITE with no makeup so the tint is great for when i wake up or go swimming. and one month in and it is still visible.

    keep in mind though that the tint does not make lashes appear thicker or longer, as the LashDip would, but for those of us with super light coloured hair, waking up with black lashes is awesome! Low maintenance as well.

    i loved getting extensions from noir but my lashes were really sparse when i had them removed :(

  14. Vanna, that's why you don't "wash" your eyes and use a pointy Q-Tip dipped in oil-free eye makeup remover! I've been doing that for the last while.

  15. that sucks...I took the class for the dip and haven't been getting great feed back from it. It was very expensive for the class but NO good feed back.

  16. I agree I am also certified Lash Dip in Canada.........and not one of my clients wants it again

  17. Great review! I've been curious about Lash Dip and may try it once the price goes down a bit, hehe! Thank You for sharing this Information.


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