Product Review: Mary Kay Eye Makeup

My limited experience with Mary Kay products has exposed me to some products that I quite like. I love the Timewise Night Solution for its clarifying and anti-aging properties. Their eye primer and bestselling oil-free eye makeup remover work as well as similar products from department store brands. So when Mary Kay asked me to try some of their new eye makeup products, I was definitely game. The package I received in the mail included:

  • The Mineral Eye Colour Bundle ($22) for brown eyes, which consisted of Sienna (a matte dark beige), Silky Caramel a medium beige very close to my skin tone), and Midnight Star (a sparkly blue). These eyeshadow bundles are purportedly put together by makeup artists to intensify and flatter different eye colours. The mineral eye colour formula, according to Mary Kay's website, is long-lasting, crease-resistant and oil-absorbing.
  • The Shadow and Eye Line Duo ($18) in Brushed Copper, a combination shadow/liner pen with coppery eyeshadow on one end and a brown pencil liner on the other. This product promises convenience and superior blendability.
  • The Lash Love Mascara ($21), which contains an exclusive Panthenol-Pro complex and Vitamin E to nourish your lashes and claims to deliver 4x the volume of your ordinary lashes.

Before I share my thoughts on each product, here's a photo of what my right eye looked like sans makeup. I tried the Mineral Eye Colour Bundle on my left eye and the Shadow and Eye Line Duo on the right.

The "before"

As much as I like the Mary Kay products listed in the first paragraph, their latest offerings disappointed me for a variety of reasons.

The portability and convenience of the Shadow and Eye Line Duo pen are tops, but the eyeshadow wasn't very easy to blend and the brown liner smudged after a couple hours. The shadow's colour also seemed a bit off. I was expecting something more bronzy and shimmery from a hue called "Brushed Copper." The actual result: a bright pumpkin orange with very little shimmer. I had to rub my finger across my lid to mute the intensity of the orange.

I wasn't impressed with the Mineral Eye Colour Bundle either. Sienna and Silky Caramel are good neutral basic shades that would look great on anyone. Midnight Star, however, made me look like I had a bruised eye. Overall I found that the eye colours weren't as long-lasting, blendable or highly pigmented as other eyeshadow brands I've tried.

The Lash Love Mascara wasn't bad. Its flexible plastic applicator does a good job of coating every lash without clumping, and the formula stays put admirably instead of smudging or flaking. Nonetheless, I'd hesitate to purchase Lash Love Mascara just because there are plenty of drugstore mascaras that can do the same things (no clumps, smudges or flakes) at half the price.

Given my experience with these new Mary Kay eye makeup products, I think I'll stick to my tried-and-true favourites.

Any Mary Kay fans out there? Have you tried these or other products from the line?


  1. i have never tried mary kay before but a few girl friends have some good things to say about the company.

  2. I have tried some Mary Kay products since they came to my friend's Beauty Board. I was impressed by what they now have to offer, it's more modern than what I was use to back in the 90's. I like their Glimmersticks, I have it in silver and I like how it's easy to apply and that it's long-lasting.

    But that eyeshadow you tried, it does like look like pumpkin orange.

  3. I feel like you're winking at me!

    I will wink back.


  4. I've never tried Mary Kay make-up before, but I'll make sure to stay away from any orange tones. Great review!

  5. I've never used Mary Kay before - I didn't even know it was still around. I actually like the "orange" coppery shade but it's not for everyone.

    PS. I switched that Donna Karan orange shadow picture for a different one. It's def more sepia now.

    1. LOL, didn't know Mary Kay was still around?! Are you kidding?! They are one of the top selling makeup brands out there. The pink cadillac's are still out there and I know a lady who makes a GREAT living selling it.

      As for the eye shadows...I have to say I am not great at putting on eye makeup so I am not sure if it is just me or it is the makeup but I think color wise I like the colors but I feel like I either get too much on or can't get enough on. I like the colors if I could get them on properly. I hate to say it because I am MK all the way in the products that I use but I will agree that I am not sure it is very easy to put on.

      I was glad to hear that you like the TW Day solution though! I am not sure if you have seen but recently they increased the SPF in the day solution which is good for people like me who burn quite easily!

  6. i know this is an old post, but i'l just like to say that the brown eye bundle is my least favorite mk eye bundle. mk has a lot of great eye colors, but the brown eye bundle is filled with all of my least favorites. that being said, the "blue eye bundle" is gorgeous! some other colors to try would be: chocolate kiss, lime, polished stone, and crystalline. they also have a new line called "at play" and all the products are only $10!


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