Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

Small trifles in a stocking can be just as thoughtful as the large gifts under the tree, even if you left off shopping until the last moment. Here's a range of stocking stuffer ideas for guys and girls alike, all under $20.

  • Principessa Bacio Me lip balm ($12 at BeautyMark). Shea butter, vitamin E, a delectable scent and a light pink hue all conspire to make the perfect winter lip balm. Principessa's pretty signature packaging doesn't hurt either.
  • China Glaze 'Love Marilyn' nail polish ($8 at Spa Boutique). Part of the Eye Candy 3-D Glitter holiday collection, this red-and-silver-flecked lacquer was inspired by Ms. Monroe's assertion that "diamonds are a girl's best friend." I particularly love the look of a layer of 'Love Marilyn' over a favourite red polish.
  • Joe Fresh sequinned wristlet ($5). She can use it as a teensy bag for an evening out or a glam makeup pouch in her everyday handbag.
  • Monogram mugs ($6 at Anthropologie). Make sure the stockings are hung with care before putting one of these in!
  • Principessa Notte Breeze dry shampoo for brunettes ($12 at BeautyMark). This talc-free formula containing vitamin E, aloe, chamomile and calendula is tinted brown to perfectly blend in with dark hair, which means no telltale white streaks. For those with lighter locks, Principessa makes a version called Bianco Breeze.
  • "What happened?" bandages ($7 at Urban Outfitters). Give the lovably clumsy one in your life better alibis for their injuries.
  • Dog USB splitter ($10 at Urban Outfitters). Laptops never seem to have enough USB ports these days, making this stocking stuffer both practical and adorable for the tech-obsessed.
  • Joe Fresh mini brush kit ($16). Perfect for the girl on the go who's constantly touching up her makeup in the office bathroom before a big evening out.
  • Pretty Polaroid notecards ($10 at Urban Outfitters). I may be biased because I'm a stationery geek and slightly OCD to boot, but who doesn't love having a box of all-occasion note cards handy for impromptu thank-you notes and birthday greetings?
  • Skullcandy headphones ($14.99 at Future Shop). I have an unfortunate habit of rolling over headphones with my desk chair at work (oops), so I always opt for cheap ones. Skullcandy headphones are surprisingly good given the low price; the silicone cushions block out ambient noise effectively.
  • Corporate flash cards ($14 at Front and Co.). You know, just in case they want to work on their value proposition and angle for a raise next year.
  • Joe Fresh tiny bow gloves ($10). The small bow detail and cozy gray colour make them look more luxe.


  1. Ooh, Joe Fresh seems like it has some great holiday goodies! I'll definitely have to make a stop there on my last-minute shopping trip tomorrow!

    Xo Chelle

  2. Joe Fresh has great stocking stuffers because of their good price point. You can get their makeup, socks, gloves, etc and it won't break the bank. Recently I bought three silky dress shirts and two v-neck sweater and only paid $115. Awesome!

  3. Yes to nail polish, it's what I default to for my sisters if I need to pad their presents with something else! Great picks love.

    Alex xoxo

  4. Cute picks esp the Joe Fresh items. Anyone would be thrilled to get either the gloves or wristlet.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Good choices. China Glaze polish is always a good choice. That wristlet is beautiful.


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