Today's Outfit: Twenties Girl

  • H&M lace dress and feather clip
  • Forever 21 necklace
  • Roots clutch
  • Dynamite tights
  • Two-toned shoes from London
  • Hair by Chris Funk
  • Makeup by BeautyMark (Gemma or Alexa--I can't remember!)

Back in late November, I tweeted about how my office Christmas party was going to have a Prohibition era/Roaring 20s theme and how I was researching marcel wave tutorials online. I've never used a curling iron on myself before, and after some anxiety about burning myself, I decided to put myself in the hands of a pro. Best decision ever, hands down. Chris Funk at BeautyMark did a fantastic job curling and sculpting this 20s-inspired 'do into place.

As for the outfit, I tried to put together a look using pieces I already had in my closet. The only thing I ended up buying was the pink feather clip from H&M.


  1. Nice! Lace and pearls made the outfit!

  2. You look absolutely beautiful in this twenties outfit! It's so great that you had the opportunity to dress up, I would love to go to a themed party like that.

  3. LOVELY outfit dear. Love love loooove the dress!

  4. You are GORGEOUS! I absolutely love your hair styled like that. The era suits you ;)

  5. Lisa you look stunning. 20's are so hot right now and what a fun way to celebrate. Your hair looks perfect. The whole look really suits you.

    Merry christmas!!

  6. Your hair looks really pretty like that. Time to invest in a curling iron?

    Your 20s ensemble is pretty perfect.

  7. You look amazing!! It's been a while so I've commented... I've been lurking around though! Haha. I'll revive the blog soon, I promise.

  8. So cute! I love the head piece.

  9. You look great Lisa! The 20's and 50's are my favorite decade and I totally envy you. I wish I got invited to a party that was themed to one of those.

    Merry belated Christmas and have a happy holiday. :)

  10. Lisa! What a gorgeous look! You've nailed it!


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