Lifetime Collective Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

According to its brand philosophy, clothing label Lifetime Collective is the brainchild of artists and creative types, "defined by the changes that occur and the creative ways we adapt." A lofty, if cryptic, claim. But for anyone who's just interested in the clothes, all you need to understand is this: Lifetime makes some lovely garments with a vintage-inspired simplicity that borders on nostalgic yearning. There are basics that are classic and recognizable, but they also feel fresh and free-spirited at the same time.

A female wanderer was the inspiration behind Lifetime's spring/summer 2012 collection for women: "With long stretches of road and beauty before her, she comes to learn that all that glitters is not gold. Nevertheless, she's off to find her own adventures now and so, she walks confidently, blissfully, towards the unknown." She is an independent soul, a former "daydreaming tomboy" progressing toward a more feminine approach to style.

The wanderer's dreamy, meandering reverie translates into clothes that look like they're ready for a road trip. Think raglan sleeve sweaters, high-waisted denim, button-up shirts, cardigans and stripes, chic olive trousers with the ease of pajamas, and outerwear that's just as comfortable when walking the dog as it is when on the road.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that designer Jude Feller (of local label lily+jae fame) was at the helm of this collection.

Shop the collection on Lifetime Collective's recently launched website.


  1. I'm in love with high rise trousers still, I love them event hough they make me look like I got no butt, I don't know why!

  2. The blue anorak is lovely. I loved Lily + Jae...

  3. Loving the preppy look of this collection - so cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray


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