Vancouver Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012: Other Highlights

I spent most of my Saturday at Vancouver Fashion Week in the second row, craning my neck and raising my camera between two people's heads to get a clear shot of the runway, working against the light, and shooting extremely wide-angle frames hoping I could crop out people's heads afterward. Needless to say, those photos turned out terribly, which is why I had to rely on the images that photographer Eugenio Flores posted on the VFW Facebook page. I did manage to see a couple of shows from the front row and take some decent photos towards the end though. Here are my favourite photos from Farida Lalji and Teresa Rosati.

A model in the Farida Lalji fall/winter 2012 show exhibited dancer-like grace while highlighting the fluidity of Lalji's Indian-inspired creations.

Bright colours and animal prints galore in the Farida Lalji show

This Teresa Rosati gown featured a black-and-white Marilyn Monroe print.

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  1. HAHA I've given up on runway photos, I usually end up with poor quality pics as well. Thank goodness the professionals are there with good angles and the proper equipment! Didn't make it to any shows this time around, but the Farida Lalji design intrigues me! Hope you're having a great week xo

  2. I have the same problem with runway photos. I went to VFW on Thursday and took like a hundred pics but only 10 or so are "good". LOL
    Hugs and nice post,


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