Lisa's Most Coveted List: Spring Beauty Edition

Phew, I haven't published a Most Coveted list in a while! To reintroduce this blog feature, here's a list of my favourite beauty products for spring.

1. Anything from Consonant Body. Okay, so I'm cheating by including an entire skincare line as my first product. But ever since I first tried their products almost 1.5 years ago, I've been hooked. Their foaming face wash is tops. Their eye creams are great for day and night. I also love their organic soaps: so gentle and never drying. Ooh, and their organic hand lotion. (Clearly, narrowing it down to one product was difficult.) I recently stopped by BeautyMark to restock my Ultra Firming Eye Cream and Ultra Moisturizing Eye Cream ($36 each) and was pleasantly surprised by Consonant's new packaging. The old glass jars have been replaced by pump dispensers--definitely more hygienic than dipping your dirty fingers into the cream all the time.

2. A lipstick/gloss/balm hybrid like ILIA'S tinted lip conditioners ($24). When winter turns to spring, I dryclean and put away heavy wool garments, swap boots for ballet flats and canvas sneakers, and incorporate more colour into my outfits. I also tend to favour lighter lip colours like corals and pinks over saturated matte shades for everyday wear. A pigmented moisturizing formula delivers the best of both worlds by giving me a subtle hint of tint and doubling as a lip balm.

3. Spruce Body Lab Be Smooth Body Scrub ($23). Dry skin shouldn't be a source of anxiety once the winter layers come off and the summer dresses and sandals come out. This dreamy concoction of white sugar, sweet almond oil, blood orange, lavender, and vanilla is the same product that Spruce uses in their incredible exfoliating treatments. Even if you can't afford an afternoon at the spa, you can still pick up this cruelty-free made in Vancouver scrub for some affordable DIY exfolation at home.

4. Shu Uemura eyelash curler. When my cheapie eyelash curler bit the dust, I seized the opportunity to splurge on a Shu Uemura eyelash curler just to see if it lived up to the hype. Admittedly I wasn't very impressed at first, but that had more to do with my poor technique than the curler's design. Once I got used to it though, I found that it delivered an eye-opening but still very natural-looking curl.

5. Curel Advanced Ceramide Therapy Body Milk ($15, available at select London Drugs locations in Vancouver). Ceramides are lipid molecules that occur in healthy skin; the higher the number of ceramides, the softer and healthier your skin looks. Curel's new line of products--originally developed in Japan and now the top-selling sensitive skincare brand there--aims to restore the ceramide balance in sensitive, dry skin. The Body Milk arrived on my desk along with a bevy of other beauty goodies from Curel that I have yet to try. But so far I really like the Body Milk: it's unscented, non-greasy, and fast-absorbing, and it feels like a lotion from a luxe brand rather than a drugstore label.

Your turn! What are your must-have beauty products for spring?

P.S. And speaking of must-have beauty products, have you entered the Flower of Tahiti organic hair masque giveaway yet?


  1. Thanks so much for this list, Lisa! I immediately pounced on your links for Consonant because I'm always on the look out for more natural (less harmful) cleansing products. Thanks for the thorough review too -- most helpful!

  2. For me it's sunscreen! Although being as pale as I am, sunscreen is a year-round necessity. I use Chanel UV Essential. I cringe at the price ($60 for a small bottle) but it's the only one I've found that doesn't make my face an oily, sticky mess or makes my makeup slip off. I try to buy it at Murale only when there's 20x the points or I have points to spend to offset the high price-and since I only use it on my face it lasts a bit longer.

  3. Shu Uemura is my favorite eyelash curler and it's the only one I will use.

    I would like to pick up a coral/orange blush for Spring/Summer. I received a sample of Benefit's Coralista and although I liked it, I will need something darker for when I get tanned (after my Riviera Maya vacation).

  4. i just picked up shu umera lash curler, and it really does live up to the hype

  5. I've been looking for a good spring lipstick, but I'm always scared that I'll pick something too pink. The Ilia color looks perfect!


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