Today's Outfit: All Dressed Up

Take a good last look at my winter coat because you won't be seeing it for another six months! After weeks of waffling weather, spring is finally on its way. I even felt confident enough to drop off my heavy coats, wool trousers and wool skirts at the drycleaners for one more cleaning before I put them away.

My last couple of outfit posts have been pretty brief--partly because I was in a rush, partly because there's been a lot of personal stuff happening lately. Some of it is good, some of it bad, but these are things I didn't want to discuss necessarily. I attended a funeral a couple of weeks ago, and that's all I'll say about that other than my thoughts are still with the family. (This isn't my grief to share in a public arena.) Work is pretty busy but still manageable at the moment; however, that might change in the coming weeks since one of my colleagues left the company for another opportunity, reducing our tight-knit team of three to two.

On a brighter note, the boy and I are moving forward with our homebuying plans. We met with a mortgage broker this week who informed us that we were very good candidates (whew). After we get the pre-approval, it'll be time to get serious about finding a place. Who knows, in a few months I could find myself with the pied-à-terre I've dreamed of since I started saving for the down payment five years ago!


  1. So glad you included the detail shot - those earrings are gorgeous!

  2. The dress from Violet Hill looks great. I can see it being a regular item in the spring/summer wardrobe.

  3. I have the same earrings! Really cute dress - I haven't seen it yet.

    Looking forward to your future home.

  4. chanel bag = drool

    love the kimono styled coat


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